Jersey Village, Texas location 2-21-17: Male custodian with vacuum cleaner encroaches me while dressing in locker room; actually uses the vacuum to clean the areas around my feet while I'm tying my shoes. I ask him politely to step out of my space. His reply is to take the vacuum extension chord and pop it around my neck! I tell him I am going to report him to manager and he says "good you do that right now I don't care". I take his pic to show...
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First, don’t just take my word for this horrible business, look at these sources then read on if you need to. Just to name a few… Worst customer service ever. I had an account, unused which is my bad, for about 6 months. I had a situation where I moved and was no longer close to the gym. They...
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One of my worst experience as a customer. This LA Fitness gym is horrible. I was talking to an employee and asked him that I wanted to cancel my membership because I was going through financial problems were I couldn't pay for next month payment. He got up and went to get another person to understand the issue, my guess was he was trying to get someone who can convince me to stay. But, when the other person arrived he asked what was the problem,...
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Anonymous What did you want this person to do, break their rules and end up with financial problems and not be able to pay their bills?
You people have to understand that you're dea...


Short Review for February 22, 2017

Pay for a gym that taken almost a year to complete then they keep telling you that there going to open soon that was 4month ago freaking lie to your face

Short Review for February 10, 2017

The training contract is very dishonest. They make you sign things you can not read. Do not ever sign on the small pad. Have them print the contract and read it. They are very dishonest. You will be stuck paying a lot of money.

Short Review for February 08, 2017

Guest pass for my brother! The sales person was very pushy and he also said " im not asking you for a million dollars" very rude comment! My brother turn around and left! Im still a member but i will leave soon! Such a shame! This happened in randolph NJ lafitness!

La Fitness Sanitary Conditions Review

The LA Fitness in Clearwater on Drew and 19 is disgustingly dirty the mirrors here have not been clean for over a month the shower curtain gave mildew running down the management does not come out of his office
At Bristol, CT. Do not have same equipment between personal training space and general training. Limited equipment and not allow to share equipment from Personal training space with general area even there are no training at that time. After taking personal training we get use to those equipment, then when we stop personal training they not allow us to use equipment with out signup for personal training. and general area do not have same...
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My complaint is against the personal trainers of LA Fitness in Birmingham, Michigan. I'm so irritated. I was given a free personal training consultation. The lady, Katie, I met with ensured me if I signed up I would be able to exit after 30 days. It was the only reason I was willing to sign up. She told me that her signature and information on a contract gave her the ability to cancel at anytime (and after 30 days). She told me to sign the...
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I am going thru the same thing right now. Wanted 6 sessions and have now been signed up for a year. I saw this too late to cancel. The girl who signed me up recommended cancelling my cc or getting a doc note. (don't want to say what I think of her). I already put stop payment on my account and disputed the two charges already put thru. My bank informed me they could still charge me even with a stop payment. Also my bank said even if I closed my...
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Kitty2017 I just spoke with Art at 949 255 7200. The corporate number. Same run around that I signed a contract. (My fault for believing I was signing up for just a months worth o...

I have for many years been a member of LA Fitness, about two years ago a location opened in Flagler St, Miami. This gym is by far the worst place to try and workout, i have tried going at different times and it makes no difference the weights are never on the racks even walking in through the door at 5am they dumbbells and other weights are all over the place and you spend more time trying to find them than you do working out. This morning i...
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I didn't like
  • Disrespectful staff
  • Staff does not pick up before open or close
  • Cleanliness
Husband went swimming 3 times last week and started itching, mostly skin irritation. He took a week off then went Monday night. Today his skin is completely broken out in a rash, coughing and feels weak. He went to the doctor. The rash could be a reaction to the pool chemicals. I have no doubt the maintenance is questionable at best. The pool bottom has what looks like rust in various areas. I am tempted to grab a water sample to confirm the ph...
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To come into my LA fitness to find children in diapers learning to swim in my pool and sharing my locker room, is in my opinion one of the worst decisions this company has made. Had I wanted I to join the YMCA, or had I desired to be a part of a community pool, or to go to my own community pool in my development, that's where I would spend my mornings and afternoons. Allowing a Swim School idea to be created within the pool facility is very far...
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"Justin Larson" a rude and resist general manager in Roseville MN location. I had an issue to reactive my account and every time I ask him to resolve this problem he tell me that is resolved, but he was just laying, the last time I left my job during the day and I went in his desk to ask him why he can't do anything he ignore me and let me wait 30 mint after that he call the police to kick me out even I was nice and didn't do anything wrong .I...
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