By all means, avoid tLA Fitness and their shady business practices:

1. Can't Find Cancellation Form Online. They make you go in to see an Operations Manager who works 9am -5pm on weekdays when most people are at work.

2. Inactivation Fee is $10/month

3. Help desk at ... location keeps conveniently disconnecting via phone when I request a Cancellation Form via email.

4. Will only give copy of contract in person.

5. Is not open 24 hours.

6. High initiation fees

7. New initiation fees if you cancel (with Item 2, feels like being stuck in a contract)

8. Garbage management with high turnover.

9. I can't create an online account with my membership card's ID for whatever reason

10. All members don't pay the same equitable monthly rates; some pay a ridiculously low amount because they signed up years ago because they were old enough to join then when memberships cost less per year than they cost now per month; newer members comprise the bulk of the revenue/per person and pay for newer expenses).

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else or buy your own equipment.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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