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It took me having to write the COO of a company to finally get a call from a district manager after contacting LA Fitness every 2 weeks for almost 5 months and the deal I got was to "zero out" the remaining balance. So in effect. I paid $1200 + $199 sign up fee for three sessions. I should have at the bare minimum have only paid for three sessions as this was a failure on the company's behalf, not mine. I did my part every step of the way. I got caught up in a rotating door of fired and quitting managers at several levels.

I was patient and polite to everyone I spoke with even when they broke promises to call me back or contact someone who could help. That did not pay off. This has been the worst customer service experience of my life. I am NOT satisfied. I fell like I just got robbed.

The log below speaks for itself...

2016.03.08 Walked into LA Fitness in Gaithersburg and felt I was ready to sign up for personal training sessions. Quan signed me up for 6 months of training sessions at $300 a month. I paid $300 for first payment and $199 sign up fee on this day.

2016.03.15 Attended Training Session with Nathaniel N. We only did 3 exercises this day. I figured that it was because it was the first session. No problem.

2016.03.22 Attended Training Session with Nathaniel N. Took it slow. I think it is because he wants to see my range of motion, how strong I am. Hope pace is picked up on next session.

2016.03.29 Attended Training Session with Nathaniel N. We did 3 sets of 6 exercises. Didn't even break a sweat. A bit upset and thinking that this may be a waste of money as I get a better workout on my own.

2016.04.05 Had scheduled class for this morning. Due to last minute medical procedure, I couldn't make it so I called the club at 6:26 pm to let them know why I wasn't there. Trainer Nathaniel N wasent there. They tell me that he will be contacting me to schedule another training session.

2016.04.08 April payment of $300 clears bank.

2016.04.13 Still no call from Nathaniel N. (my trainer)

2016.04.13 Received call from Jennifer at 4:48pm. She told me that she replaced Quan who originally sold me the training sessions. She called to ask how my sessions were going and I told her that I wasn't happy as I was not getting a good workout and then my trainer never showed up for our last session and I have not heard anything from him. She then reviewed my account and asked me "Why are you working with Nathaniel?". She told me that I was paying for master trainer and that Nathaniel was not a master trainer. I told her that I had no clue what a master trainer was and that I expected them to take care of that.She then apologized for poor workouts and said she wanted to refund these sessions I had already used. Said that she wanted me to talk to District Manager named Chuck about experience and to confirm refund. Said she was contacting District manager (Chuck) and to expect a call from him.

2016.04.20 Still have not heard from District Manager named Chuck, a week later.

2016.04.23 Came in for Saturday yoga class and saw Jennifer. She asked me what Chuck said. I told her that Chuck never called. She got on her computer and sent him a message via IM. She told me that Chuck had responded and said that he will get in touch with me within 2 hours after his meeting that day.

2016.04.27 3 days later and still no call from District Manager named Chuck.

2016.05.07 Came in for Saturday Yoga class and saw Jennifer. She again asked me what Chuck said. I told her that he never called. She showed me her computer screen that showed an IM with Chuck saying "I will contact him as soon as I am done with my meeting with 2 hours" She told me that she would contact him again.

2016.05.08 May payment of $300 clears bank.

2016.05.09 Spoke to Jenn on the phone. I told her that I was upset because I just wanted to talk to someone about this situation. She suggest I call corporate.

2016.05.09 I call corporate phone number to complain and spoke with Jason. He was very friendly and helpful. I told them that the person that signed me up for sessions was fired, the person who was incorrectly assigned totrain me has quit, and the District Manager has yet to call me. The only person is helping me is Jennifer. Jason tells me that he will contact the District and Regional person and get them to call me back.

2016.05.09 I received a call and told representative what was going on. Over timeframe of 15 minutes, I told him about how I am just trying to get what I paid for. I told him about how Jennifer had been helpful but I do not know why "Chuck" has yet to call me after such a long time. At end of conversation, I ask the person for their name for my records. The rep responds "My name is Chuck". In disbelief, I stopped and said, "Wait, are you the Chuck that I have been waiting on for all this time?" and he responded "Yes". I asked him, "Why have you allowed me to talk all this time and you havent stopped me to tell me that it is you? We have literally been talking about you in third person and you never once thought to stop me and say "Hey that is me"?" I was irritated but I stayed calm. I then asked him "Why haven't you called me?" to which he stated "This is the first I am hearing about this". I reminded him that I saw the message that he wrote about getting back to me after his meeting on Jennifer's screen and this is when he exploded saying "Are you trying to call me a liar?" I responded "No, not at all, you may have forgotten about that day but the truth is that this is definitely not the first time you have heard about this". When I continued on with this he started yelling, saying that I was "denigrating his character" and acting irrationally. It did not go well at all.

2016.05.16 One week later and At this point I give up. There have been failures at every step and the further up I go, the worse things got. I have no options and felt like they can have my money if this is the level of professionalism that exist at each level. I worked with a personal trainer for 3 years before coming to LA Fitness and never a single issue like this.

2016.05.28 I came for a yoga class and saw Jen. I didn't bother saying a thing to her.

2016.06.08 June payment of $300 clears bank. A little annoyed by this one as my issue still remains unaddressed after 3 months but payments never miss a beat.

2016.06.11 Went in for Yoga class at 11:00am and saw Jennifer. I told her that I was giving up after talking to Chuck and having such a wild experience. She apologized and told me that she put in her 2 weeks and chuck wouldn't accept it. I told her that I had lost all faith in any professionalism after that conversation. She told me that her new boss was there that has replaced him named Chris. "There he is now" and she ran over to talk to him. I waited nearby for 10 minutes while they talked, waiting to be called over. They were only 30 feet away and kept looking in my direction and pointing. He then heads towards the door and she walked over to me to say "he wants you to reconsider". I just laughed and asked her where he was going. She tells me that he said that he has to leave. I said "So he cant even come over to me and say "Hi, my name is Chris, I am the new District Manager. Sorry about your issues. I have to head out right now but lets talk and sort this out." He just left. Nothing. That simple jester would have atleast acknoweldged me and my problems and made me feel better. Jennifer and walk over to the training area and she took my phone number and email again. She kept apologizing saying that she was powerless to do anything. Telling me this is why she put her two weeks in and apologizing for Chris' lack of consideration. Jennifer tells me that she would give my information to Chris and ask him to call me. I asked her who would be her replacement once she leaves and she said that she didn't know.

2016.06.18 Still no call from Chris (New District Manager)

2016.06.25 Two weeks later and still no word from new District Manager.

2016.07.09 Came in for Saturday yoga class and spoke with Marcus who told me that Jennifer had quit. I told him that I was still waiting on a call from Chris and could he please relay the message.

1016.07.13 Received call from "LA Fitness Customer Service". I immediately told them how happy I was to finally hear from them after so many months. Rep informs me that he doesn't know what I am talking about, he was just informing me that my payment had not gone through. My credit card has expired. All I could do was laugh about it.

2016.07.19 Called LA Fitness in Gaithersburg. They tell me that person named "Darwin" has replaced Jennifer and they transfer me over to him. I waited on hold for 12 minutes and he never answered. (See AT&T phone logs)

2016.07.22 Received email about being late on a payment so I call included number at 2:24pm (949) 502-2371. Spoke with Jared and he said that he would call the club and see if he could resolve my issue there.

2016.07.22 Jared called me back at 3:04 and left message for me letting me know he had spoke with Operations Manager at LA Fitness in Gaithersburg and "He and I agreed that someone would be contacting you today to discuss this matter, and I will follow up by the end of the day to make sure they follow up with that and if they do not, I will go through the best channel." (See iPhone Voicemessages to hear message)

2016.07.23 No call received from Operations Manager or Jared from Customer service.

2016.07.24 Reviewed my contact, notes, and paperwork today to see if I have any options. It turns out that my training includes Saturday class at 12 which I could have been going to. I will contact Marcus about starting to attend these if nothing else. I have missed 4 month (19 possible sessions) of these in the meanwhile. There is no way to get those back even if I resolve this next week. I just want to be done with these people at this point. This is just total ***.

2016.07.24 Compile list of emails from internet forums and corporate site. I do not know what options I have at this point but to blast this and hope for some response.

2016.07.24 Spoke with Chris. Really nice guy. He asked me to come in and work with him. I told him at this point, after two dozen interactions and after so many failed promises that I had lost all faith in the program. I told him that if someone would have called me months ago then it would be different but the whole company had just taken a big *** on me and asked me to eat it. There were failures every step of the way and I contacted someone every two weeks. What more should I have done? Gotten rude? Come in and gotten crazy at the front desk? Maybe I will try again at the LA Fitness at Washingtonian Center but most likely will go back to Sport and Health at Lake Forest for TnT. I asked him if I need to finish out all of the payments. He said that he will call me back.

2016.07.24 Spoke with Chris again. He let me know that he would be zeroing out my balance. Not bad. I had three sessions at $1400. That is $450 a session. Wow, what a mess. Said that he would call me back tomorrow and let me know on everything.

2016.07.25 Chris called me and said that I now owed them nothing. He said since the plan was cancelled that I had 30 days to use the available 13 sessions that I paid for. I told him that this was horrible. I should only have to pay for what I used (3 sessions) but that didn't seem like an option.

2016.07.29 I sit her now, $1400 poorer and I think "This is the worst customer experience I have had. I feel like I have been robed by this company. I should have at the least only paid for 3 sessions. This is ***.

Here are the emails that you need if you have problems (Upper management):, - CEO

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

La Fitness Cons: Falling between the cracks, No follow-up, Broken promises, No call-backs.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Don t Call Back
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