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I'm a member of the LA Fitness in Glendale, Wisconsin. All members get a complimentary 1 hour fitness assessment with a trainer including an equipment overview (including cardio). i explained to my trainer 1 of the main things i want to focus on is learning how to use the different machines in the gym for my numerous/various problem areas. The only equipment he demonstrated was the treadmill. He was more focused on selling me a personal trainer package.

Some time later i go & request for someone show me how to use the machines; i didn't need an assessment, i just want to know how to work the equipment. LAF staff said everyone was busy doing tours for their anniversary celebration, but he would take my name and number and have a trainer call me.

In the interim, i use the machine i was trained on, the treadmill. I waited for a month, still no one called. After a month of only using the treadmill & no return call, I called LAF and asked if i could set up an appointment for someone to show me how to use the machines. I was told that i can come in anytime and someone will be there to show me. I asked if I come in at 530am during the weekday when they open, will someone be available. the LAF staff said "yes".

The next Monday i show up at 530, report to the front desk to request someone show me how to use the machines. the LAF staff said no one was there to show me the equipment, but she would take my name/number and have a trainer call me. I explained i had requested this service before and was told someone would call me, which they never did, and that i called and specifically asked if someone was going to be in on that specific day at that specific time and was told yes. I was told someone would call me that same day. It has been a week and i still hadn't received a call.

Next, I try making an appointment online. when i get to the gym i was told that the appointment i made was through sales and that no one was there to show me how to use the equipment,but if i wait, they would be at the gym within the hour (yet the website does not reflect was that i was making an appointment through the sales department and that no one would be available at my scheduled time to help me).

i wait. Finally an LAF trainer/staff named Cory shows up and asks me how they can assist me. I explain that I only know how to use the treadmill, and i want to learn how to use the equipment for my specific problem areas. Cory proceeds to take me on a tour the facility, explains how the gym equipment is broken down into categories, and lists off the technical names of the equipment and the technical names of the muscles they work. I specifically asked if there is a way someone can demonstrate for me how to use the equipment, Cory said each machine has pictures and directions on them, so no one would be able to show me how to use each machine.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? No one can take the time to show me how to use the machines for the areas of my body i want to work on? No one can return my calls? Yet they had no problem taking the time to stalk me so they can take my money!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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Whoa that is ridiculous. Thank goodness I took weight lifting in highschool and college otherwise it's companies like these that will take advantage of people who don't know the ropes.

LA Fitness advertises it all the time that a trainer or any staff member can help show you do a machine. The sales people at LAF focus too much on hard selling that they're losing their clients. Maybe they should actually keep it real with people and assist them wholeheartedly instead of acting like sharks. If they had 4 year degrees they'd know something called "customer retention," sounds like another uneducated, money-hungry, broke trainer to me.

Anyone can get a PT certificate in 6 months. Besides, why pay for a trainer when you can go to for free.



Hey, the club promises to show you how the equipement is used when you sign up. They don't keep their promises.

This is vastly different than paying a trainer for personal training sessions. Also you are an *** to believe that all the trainers have four year degrees (what...high school equivalency diploma) or any respectable personal training certifications 9like the kind you get online or from a weekend course?).

Get over yourself christina, trainers are fine, the clubs underpay them and you are clearly a bitter or unappreciated trainer. It's the club that sucks for not keeping promises; not you or the trainers.


That is like assuming someone is just going to show me how to change the oil on my car for free. Don't be such a *** and pay up to learn how to properly train.

The trainers either have four year degrees and/or personal training certifications, neither of which are cheap. You get what you pay for, ***.