The LA Fitness gym in Downingtown is AWESOME! I don't know who hires all of the people there, but Kudos to them!

I believe Sam Kennedy does some/if not all of the hiring though, and she also takes fabulous care of the gym as the OM. I do know that she hired Frank Fabrizio, who I absolutely love. He is adorable and such an asset to have at the front desk to greet the members when they arrive. Love seeing him!

He is so cheerful and wonderful to talk with. And, I'd like to mention how much fun Adgrian McCain, Shannon McMahon, and Em Crone's Zumba classes are! I never thought I would "love" Zumba classes, but I do! I love LA Fitness in Downingtown!

The list of "AWESOME" just goes on and on...Ingmar Centurion, Brandon Leech, Cody D'Orazio, Cody Dunn, Connor Pecora, Cameron Runkle, Josh Lopez, Andrew Gorr, and Brooke Curley. Can't wait to get there to see everyone and work out. It's like going to the gym to hang out with your friends. Each one brings a little something different to the table, friendly, charming, funny, beautiful smiles, and very helpful.

One thing they all have in common though, is wanting to be the best gym and they all actively work at ensuring the members are happy. Each of them really cares about making a difference there. All of them go out of there way to do what they can to make it a fantastic experience. And for me, it is.

It is indeed my "Happy Place". I not only enjoy going there, there are many benefits to doing so, I also leave with better health. I wonder, just how does one organization have so many "AWESOME" people? LA Fitness is a whole lot of fun!

I am grateful and appreciative to be around so many wonderful people there! And when I went to the gym to work out at the 11th hour on July 4th, Josh Lopez, who was at the front desk, opened the door for me and said, "I was wondering where you were." So sweet! And nice to be greeted like that. They notice when you aren't there.

Another reason to love LA Fitness in Downingtown. And it added to my happiness when I got there, to hear that! I have never belonged to a gym before where they were as friendly as this one is. The people there are awesome!

I appreciated that the gym was opened on the holiday and that Josh was there. So, what are you waiting for??

Come'n and have some fun with us at LA Fitness! It's like family without the drama.

Review about: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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