Seattle, Washington
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i concern with a day care at la fitness in puyallup,wa.

during the busy schedule it's so many kids there and only two person working ,one for the reception and one in charge to watching the kids,what i saw it's not safe for the kids especially a baby ,toddler mixed together in one room.they need extra person for the safetyness,they can't handle a lot of kids only two person what happen if the kid got hurts ?are they responsible for that??.when i tried asking the front desk regarding the daycare the answer wasn't i expecting for.

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She is stating a real concern. Are people seriously so bitter and evil that you can't be kind.


I was told that this is not a daycare!!!


learn how to talk/write!!!!


Maybe they didn't understand your question if you speak as well as you write. I can't follow the thought process of the poor grammar.