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The LA Fitness in Canyon Country Ca. hired an new manger, who's first act as manger was firing two hispanic girls who worked in the kids klub and replaced them with blonde bimbos.

Those girls had been there taking care of the kids since I had started going 2 years ago. They had been taking care of my son since before he could crawl. When he fired them my son went from going to a place where he was loved and cuddled to a place where the girls only cared about the little cute baby's. My son turned two shortly after the manager did this and he didn't adjust well.

He is a big two year old to top things off but he started getting pushy with some of the kids. He's two though, that's what two year olds do. The manager told me that my son was the only violent one out of all the kids that go there day or night and that he wouldn't be allowed back if it happend one more time. I tried to explain to the manger that I was punnishing him when he was naughty and that he is only 2 years old.

The manger told me that it was too much of an inconvenience for the girls in the kids klub to watch my son while he was on time out. I asked him "isn't that their job, to take care of the kids through good day's and bad?". He never answered the question. I then told him that I would have to cancel my membership if my son couldn't come and he very rudely told me "Well I guess that's what you'll have to do.".

I understand that you can't have kids in there using weapons or hitting other kids over the head with chairs. But my son wasn't even biting he was just being a little pushy. Not to mention that my son has left there some days with black eyes and busted open lips.

I accept it as something that happens when you have a bunch of little kids together running around. This guy had deplorable customer relation skills and was cold and crass when he talked about my son.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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I don't really know about the manager, but u are right about the daycare. I use several different gyms and a couple daycare facilities .

Recently I've been going to this one and I've had issues every time. They are understaffed, distracted, snotty, and I tkink they may not want to be there.

I hope they can get their stuff straight. I enjoy being able to use several of the la fitness clubs around.