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I would like to contact somewhere to complain about my experience with Alex manager in Carrollton in TX.

Please provide phone number that I can reach out. I WANT TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT PAYING $800

Because technically its not 100%my fault.

Also I am not appreciated how he assisted me over the phone, Aso he blamed me that I did not returned call when he left his massage.

So I checked the massage, I found it but it was recorded only 5 seconds I did not get complete message from Alex.

I dont even know what was about.

Anyway how he treated me as well as the trainer who sign me out, I definitely felt I was discriminated and took advantage because I was not native speaker. I made sure so many times there is no contract and I trusted my personal trainer and thats how I sighed for perosnal training.

Yes maybe it was my fault not read through the documents but I felt like Alex is saying its my fault that this situation happened.

Like I said I trusted LA fitness trainer and now i wont be able to cancel (cost me $800)

Preferred solution: Full refund.

La Fitness Cons: Horrible manager in some location.

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Sounds like you didn’t read the agreement, no?

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