I worked with Daniel & I remember each one of these incidents. Daniel was very Professional, Nice, & Extremely Helpful.

That guy knew his job from A-Z. He was a class act and help all of La Fitness customers & Employees Grow. It's a shame how people judge that man cause he had " Gold Teeth" in his mouth. I worked on side of him for three whole years and time after time he always displayed class with a great hand of Leadership.

Now I am a white man not taking up for Daniel. Only telling the truth about what I seen & experience. Just think he worked there for three years and these is the only two complaints that anyone ever heard of about Daniel Bryant. The truth is he wasn't gonna let no one out of that contact unless it was a medical issue.

He was doing what corporate head quarters instructed him to do. I remember when two young black ladies came in saying I would like to sign up for personal training. See the lady on here saying I HATE DANIEL BRYANT. Why you didn't say you hate me.

I am the one who signed you & your friend up. Daniel & I gave you both a Free Training Session that day. You guys agreed to signing up for three days a week for a total of 12 Sessions a month. When I introduced Daniel to you guys as The Personal Trainer Director.

I begin to see how unprofessional both of you were cause all you guys was saying is OMG this man looks good and fine. He is everything & look at his muscles he was fine as ***. These are the exact was you guys told me. While ya'll was flirting Daniel kept it professional and helpful all the while he knew what ya'll was saying but never yield to it.

Now remember you guys was at my desk not Daniel. Ok Daniel told ya'll today was very slow for us and that since you guys was the first deal of the day. He would give each one of you guys two extra session a week EACH FOR FREE. All was ya'll loving Daniel for that.

Now I watch ya'll train for Three months with James. Daniel told me to give you guys the Best trainer we have and it was James Hodges at that time. I watch you guys train & get the results you wanted In 90 days. Ya'll came in the gym for the first two months five days a week flirting, talking nasty, popping & bouncing your butts all in front of James, Daniel, and all the trainers at that time.

Other La Fitness clients was saying who are them girls and what's they problem solely because how you guys was carry yourselves. Ya'll loved Daniel just like the entire La Fitness Clients & Ka Fitness Staff did UNTIL YA'll TRIED TO CANCEL THAT CONTACT THAT YOU READ CLEARLY AND HE DIDNT LET YOU OUT. Which he couldn't because you under contact. That's when the hate came.

I watch one of you came in and he was at he desk eating lunch. You walked in after he told you several times very professional that he couldn't cancel the contact. So you walked in one day about 12:30 at his desk and I was sitting at my desk across from him. You said so Daniel you not gonna let me out this contact.

He told your precisely he said Ms. Unfortunately I can't do that because of the contact you agreed and signed. He was on his lunch break at his desk. Stop to aid you and when he said no.

You took all the food he had and threw all over the club. Now he is the deal. We all wanted to call the police on you but Daniel said no just don't allow he back into his club again. Now you'd have to go to another La Fitness not the one who acted up at.

That's when you came on here blasted that guy like he is no good. You're a lier and very dishonest. Why ya'll didn't never ask me because I know you felt he is white we can't do he that way and whatever we say no one will believe so you attack Daniel cause he is black that makes him a easy target for whatever you was trying to do. Be honest and tell the people the truth about Daniel.

He was a professional, very loved, and always helpful. The other claim I remember that one it's clear and simple. Both of you guys came in and stoke your granny credit card and signed up for training. The lady came to the gym a month later when she found out and cancel.

That's right Daniel allow her to cancel cause of what her own grand children done stole her credit cards and used them without her permission. Ya'll came right back up there a week later and says grandmother said we can train. That's when Paul took the credit and ran them and let you guys start back training. Daniel told Paul to call the lady before accessing her card.

She agreed that she gave you guys the card this time but she didn't authorize ya'll to use the card the first time. Them six two months later you guys wanted to cancel and Daniel wouldn't let you guys cancel that's when all *** broke loose. You in that class action fake lawsuit yourself.

It'll never get off the ground because the truth is you lied and you wanted your way and by posting negative comments about a man all races of people loved in the Fitness world you figure you was doing something but you wrong again. Next time you read a contact and sign to you have to stick to what you and that person agreed on.

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