Springdale, Arkansas
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These contracts are just a way these greedy thugs steal your money. They don't care if you move, get injured or sick, or even die.

They will still not let you out of your contract even if those are terms are in the contract. I am still stuck paying for a gym company that doesn't even have a location in the area that I have moved to. Nevermind that it is written in the contract that if I move more than 25 miles away then I can cancel my contract. They lie, they cheat, they steal, and no lawyer will even touch them.

I hear stories all of the time of these companies still getting money from people that have even canceled their memberships after their contract had expired. They have to cancel their bank accounts just to stop them.

You want to defeat them, stop signing these contracts. Put them out of business!!

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After paying $700 to Karen M. Joseph for 6 months of training and dieting, all hard work just recently came to a screeching halt.

I entered the Tampa Bay Classic competition and since it was so hot that day my hair kept falling flat & the women in my category are judged on their complete appearance?. I left to curl my hair, came back (about 2 hours BEFORE my stage time) ready to take my bag to the entertainer's dressing room when Miss Joseph, in front of my Mother and friends, began her tantrum by asking where I'd been". I began to let her know that I was in the entertainers prep". area instead of the main bathroom because there was no mirror by the outlets in that space and sh cut me off, got progressively louder, and called me inconsiderate, physically lunged at me then pointed her finger in my face! All of out of no where and in front of family and friends?.

Her personality has been questionable from the start, as far as her intentions, but I disregarded everything because she came so highly recommended by a close friend of mine;. This friend also let me know that Miss Joseph had been "nit picking" about really small and unimportant things and telling either full on lies and half truths about what I've been doing/. She's untrustworthy.. One of the friends who've witnessed this said that if it had happened to her, she'd quit too because that type of behavior from someone who's supposed to be a mentor is unacceptable!

Karen told me the next day not to come to a meeting and that she'd be discussing my standing with group with Carrie Pollaro!. I let her know that I don't like working with people who make me feel threatened and don't like me ...and feeling pushed out for no reason and harassed, I told her that we should just call it quits and that i'd discuss my refund with her at a later time. Boy, did I stop getting harassing calls after I mentioned the refund. I haven't gotten it yet and am waiting on this paperwork Carrie told me i'd receive within 30 days. They also have my photo up....still on their page. I got ripped off and I'm still helping them out???? I need legal assistance. I believe Karen chose to pick on me because I'm not an intimidating personality & not married.


Hold on here. I see you complained about Wendys, McDonalds, Chilis, Outback and Sonic.

What are you doing eating at these places and going to a gym. What a waste?

Maybe you should join LA Fitness again and stop eating at these places. Fat ***!


jump off a bridge


of course you don't have a son. you wouldn't know how to take care of a kid because you don't even know how to act in public without causing a scene.


I have no son


Simple read the contract before signing it. You could be giving away your first born son.(though in that case it would be very good for your son's sake as well for society's sake)


Oh no shes falling behind on her phonics. She cant read and cant understand anything in here that or her meds arent enough anymore


@lea01 hahahaahah no trust me they cannot. again i used to work for the company.

even if you have a 100 dollar balance on the account and its a revoke deny status the front desk cannot do anything about it only refer you to sells for a brand new membership.

theyd rather make a sale than a "clear up". but do what you want i only wrote to give advice if youd rather pay then be my guest.


nnnn, that can mess up your credit. Plus they could take you to court.


Omg ru really mad about the charges or that they dont have enough donuts for u. Lmao.


nnnn, MrsLea doesn't care because she runs up the charges on her husband's credit cards. I think Lea is just mad because she gained weight while going to LA Fitness.

but she doesn't realize that eating a cheeseburger while riding an exercise bike doesn't count as a workout. and Lea, you haven't read stories about that.

the only stories you read are on here and yours are the most insane. we're still waiting on you to admit you've gone off of the deep end.


you dont have to pay. i used to work for the company go to your bank and stop charges from la fitness.

you might still get calls but your credit card doesnt go to "collections" we dont carry your ssn. we cannot rerun credit cards even if its the same.