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January 11, 2012

John BembaronLa Fitness, RVP Manager

Dear Mr. Bembaron:

I am writing you this e-mail regarding my problems and issues I have encountered with the transferring of my Bally Fitness Lifetime Membership #0011173043008 into LA Fitness.

On Saturday, 12/3/2011, I went to the Waterways Bally Gym located at 3455 NE 207th St Miami FL. 33180, like I always did for the last 13 years, I saw a note on the door stating that Bally Total Fitness was bought by LA Fitness. I immediately asked the front desk clerk what was going to happen to the Bally's longtime members like myself and I was informed not to worry because within the next few weeks, all of Bally's members were going to be transferred to LA Fitness.

On Saturday, 12/10/2011, I again spoke to the front desk clerk to see if they had transferred my membership to LA Fitness from Bally and the clerk stated that she could not find me in the system. I left her my name and phone number and asked her to have a manager contact me but not one ever did.

On Saturday, 12/17/2011, I again asked the now new LA Fitness Front Desk person to see if Bally had transferred my membership and she informed me that he could not find me in the system but that Bally was still transferring members to LA Fitness until the end of the month. I asked her that I wanted to speak to a manager and she took my name and phone number again and stated that a manager will contact me. When I arrived at home, I contacted Bally's call center myself and put in the request to have my membership transferred.

On Monday, 12/19/2011, the Operations Manager, Carol Thompson contacted me and I informed her that I had already put in the request on the 17th of December.

On Friday, December 23, 2011, I again went to LA Fitness and the front desk person checked the computer system and my membership had been transferred.I asked him that I wanted to speak to a Manager and he informed me that his name was Carlos Montiel, and that he was one of the Managers, and that LA Fitness had stopped accepting Bally's members as of 12/15/2011.I informed him that I had already requested to be transferred and at no time I had been given a warning or a time limit and he stated that LA Fitness could choose to accept who they wanted to be transferred. Carlos allowed me access to the gym and informed me that I can try again next week to see if I was put into the LA Fitness computer system. I went into the gym and a few minutes later, Carlos approached me and stated that he was going to send his Supervisors an e-mail and see if they can transfer my membership. After I arrived home, I contacted Bally's Call Center where they informed me that on 12/17/2011, they transferred my membership to LA Fitness and that the transaction was completed on 12/27/2011 and the case number for this transaction was #1238821.

On Tuesday, 1/3/2012I contacted Carlos and he stated that he could not find me in their system.

On Friday, 1/6/2012, I called and asked for Carlos but he was not available but Carol stated that she can help me. I informed Carol what I have been going through and she stated that to call her back in one half hour to see what she can do. I could her back later in the day and she informed me that as of now I was not in the system and that Bally did not transfer my membership.

On Sunday, 1/8/2012, I went to the Gym again and the LA Fitness Front Desk clerk stated that I was still not in the system.

On Monday, 1/9/2012, I get a call from General Manager Carlos Montiel who asked me to meet him at the gym because he had some great news to tell me. I informed him that I could not make it this evening but that I can meet him tomorrow night.

On Tuesday, 1/10/2012 I went to meet Carlos at LA Fitness Gym and he asked me to go work out and then see him when I was finished. After I finished my work out, I went to see Carlos. Carlos then proceeded to offer me the LA Fitness Multi Club Easy Start Option #3 for only $19.99 a month with an Initiation fee of only $249.00.

Mr. Bembaron, first let me explain to you that I am a highly educated person born and educated here in the United States not in a third world country. Did your General Manager really think that he was going to *** me into accepting a this deal making me think as if he was doing me a favor. This is a package deal LA Fitness offers to everyone. This to me was an insult to my intelligence.

Today, 1/11/2011, I spoke La Fitness Operations Manager Carol Thompson who informed me that there was nothing she can do for me. When I asked her if I could no longer entered the old Bally Waterways /La Fitness Club where I have visited for the last 13 years, she stated that yes. Unless I buy a new contract with LA Fitness, I will be prohibited from entering the club unless I purchased a new La Fitness Membership.

Mr. Bembaron, when I bought my lifetime membership in Clifton New Jersey, I paid $1300.00 for my membership with an annual due of $89.00 with the intent of making this an investment of a lifetime. With this membership, I was able to visit any Bally club throughout the country. I moved from New Jersey to Miami Florida over 13 years ago and have visited this club ever since. Now I am being told I could never enter the club again with my Bally's membership.

Mr. Bembaron, I am also aware that LA Fitness has been picking which Bally's members they want to transfer over. For instance, my best friend also bought a Bally membership when he was living in New Jersey but relocated to Miami 7 years ago, but his monthly fee is twice as much as mi was. Surprise enough, when he contacted the Bally's Call Center, he was informed that his membership was automatically transferred to LA Fitness. He then contacted LA Fitness and he was then informed that his account was active with LA Fitness and to continue making his monthly payments. It is not only wrong but also deceptive how LA Fitness has been picking and choosing which memberships they want to transfer over and which ones they don't based on monthly membership dues. This type of tactics is a form of discrimination on longtime Bally's members that purchased their membership at a great rate as a lifetime investment like I did.

Mr. Bembaron, I am requesting that LA Fitness accepts and honor my transfer from Bally Total Fitness at the rate of $89.00 per year the way it was intended to be. I have documents which I can provide you with, which details what my Bally Total fitness Contact is and insist that LA Fitness honors it. If LA Fitness chooses not to honor my transfer, I will have no choice to contact the Florida Attorney General's Office @866-966-7226 and the South Florida Better Business Bureau to file a formal complaint. Not to mention reporting this information to the media @305-795-2777 so that other people are made aware of the LA Fitness fraudulent practices.

Should you wish to contact me, you can call me at 305-450-5755 or e-mail me at


Ricardo AKA Richard Martinez

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Attorney Eric of Philly Pa is taking my case. Thanks for those who helped me by referring me to him.


Attorney Eric of Philly Pa is taking my case. Thanks for those who helped me by referring me to him.







Bob and Rick, I believe they bought all contracts that originated in Florida and Chicage.So if yours was not bought it could be because it originated from another state.

I read at that LAfitness is not accepting any more transfers as they set a deadline that passed. chose the firm of attorney Eric Lechtzin 215-875-3038 who has sued both clubs in the past.His law firm is Berger & Montague (out of Philly.


Any idea how I can get access to the site ? It tells me that registration is disabled.


Any idea how I can get access to the site ? It tells me that registration is disabled.


Read my story again *** tom like I mentioned some people were transferredeven without having to do anything, others were not even when the transfer went through according to Bally, but La Fitness are refusing to honor it by saying that they cant find you in their system like they did to me and others with low annual renewal rates.I must have made over 25 phone calls to Bally and La Fitness since December 3, 2011, and the end result was I lost my membership.

Yours was transfered, consider yourself lucky.

Tom, don't assume that just because your membership went through and others didn't others did not follow up or do what they were suppose to do cause u r wrong.I bet if u were in our shoes u would feel differently.


Even if I can't read, I had no problems verifying my membership at the LAFitness website and them getting everyhting straighten out by Jill at LAfitness.You guys are way too smart to follow simple directions and think you know it all.

That is why you were duped by LAFitness locals and made you lose the deadline to transfer. I am not smart and can't read, that is why I did what the people that got the problems resolved did.

I am too dumb to reinvent the wheel...I still have my lifetime membership at the same renewal rate and can use any Lafitness or any former bally club.Go figure


Bob thanks for understanding too bad I have to deal with idiots like tom that does not understand our pain


Since tom can't read let us break it to him like a two year old contacted bally membership had been transfered la fitness don't see it in the computer, afterwards too late to transfer too bad me tom no longer a member of bally la fitness refuses to accept my low annual bally fee equals la fitness getting over like a fat rat but they make me a offer everyone else is getting equals they knew all along what they were doing by trying to sell me a more expensive contract.

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