Miami, Florida

The stairs have been broken for many months. If is ridiculous and embarrassing for a club like this.

They do not offer any discounts in membership for this inconvenience. Furthermore a lot of the cardo machines are broken and for weeks on end and nobody seems to care. I really feel the club is over priced for what you get. The entire club is dirty and they never have full time people cleaning.

The staff is made up of underpaid kids that no not care. What happend to the old fashion care and customer service.

All members should be given a free month or something for there trouble.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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It's amazing that people are this bitter! Maybe you don't understand that the city was the hold up with the stair case, and we closed the whirlpool for a week because we had structural damage from the shaking of the building.

The construction outside is what caused this. How about some praise for what does go right because I hear EVERY DAY how superior our club is to any other LA Fitness.


What about cleaning the pool correctly just once


is the whirlpool still broken there; has been

for the past 4 months


Amazing how you stretch the truth. I am a member and there is no machine that is broken for months. Also, for $39 bucks a month, you've got a palace.


I SUPPOSE THEY OWE YOU FREE DRINKS AND LUNCH ALSO????????????? :x :x :x :cry :cry :cry :cry