Livingston, New Jersey

When we checked out LA fitness we were pleased to see Fox news was available and was part of our decision to join. When we returned from vacation we discovered that Fox news had been blocked from all la fitness facilities.

The management could not give me an explanation. We get our news from many sources and we are pissed that for what ever reason we do not have a choice. My wife and I cancelled our membership and advised the manager to call us if fox news is re-installed.

I recommended 4 other people who will cancel also. I have been in contact with fox news making them aware that LA Fitness is not fair and balanced.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Didn't you join a gym to workout. Last I looked, when you get home the same news is on.

No gym imposes political views. None! Hire a trainer, learn how to get in shape and whats on TV should really not matter. If it's not the news it's the music,if it's not the music, it's the temperture of the air.

When you joined the gym was Fox News on your must have list? Doubt it.

Since when does a news station have anything to do with exercise. Try a place like Planet Fitness where people don't care about getting in shape!


We will be terminating our membership with LA Fitness. It wasn't enough that they removed Fox News and replaced it with the radical left wing CNN, but now they blast rap music full time.

This gym is going to be thug only members.


taxedToDeath, Crack the conspiracy! The truth is out there!

Those Ruling Class fitness clubs need their shady underbelly exposed to the world. Only then will we Real Americans be free!


I don't know why anyone thinks MSNBC is a news channel. Now that I have no choice at the gym, I've noticed that every single day, MSNBC shows nothing but hate speech; they hate fox news, they hate Sarah Palin, they hate Glenn Beck, they hate Rush Limbaugh. yeah, we get it, can you say anything else?


I have had the same experience at my LA Fitness and am really thinking about changing gyms. We should not support any entity in this country that does not believe in the right to free speach. A majority of people in this country love Fox News and feel that this is the only news source with the truth.

Don't join this gym!!!!!!


To liberal in Texas. Do you wish that the US did not have free speach!?

That's what it sounds like. What would you do if you went to a club and they did not allow MSNBC?

To tell you the truth, I would be furious because that is limiting free speach. Even though Fox is my news channel.


No Fox news, No Joining the club. They just built a new one in Robinson twp. outside of Pittsburgh, Pa and so I will using some other facility.Theres Golds Gym near by and Greentree Fitness.


While I personally am glad Fox is not the national news feed (hate yelling 1st thing in the a.m.), my main issue is that there is no LOCAL news feed. Most everyone would appreciate local news/weather/sports/traffic etc - which is completely missing from their line-up.

I've tried e-mailing the local management, but no response.

Would love a new gym to open with more flexibility.


You can reach their member services by calling 949-255-7200 and either hit option 3 > 3 or 0 for the operator.

They are able to change the channels but have so far been unwilling to do so. I've received 4 different stories as to why they feel that CNN and MSNBC should be your only choices for news and this morning the front-desk receptionist said that they've had a LOT of complaints and that she was instructed to "just tell them we're working on it, but really we're not"

Their cable TV provider is supposedly a company named "RMG XYZ Inc. Satellite TV Services" (according to the person who answered the phone at member services). I'm unable to find any information about this company on the Internet, has anyone else had any luck? It's difficult to believe that a company as large as LA Fitness would use a nationwide provider that doesn't seem to exist under any google search...


Cool. I will join LA fitness and give all my family gift memberships. Thanks for the tip.


They've also stopped showing fox at my gym. The two televisions that showed it were the most crowded.

I was told it was a corporate directive. I hate to punish management of my gym for poor decisions at corporate but that's the way free enterprise works!