Austin, Texas

This gym stinks literally. Walk the hall to the dressing rooms and then the ladies restroom area smells like a sewer line.

This smell has been going on over 3 years. The employees use the restroom in the hall, so they don't smell the sewer smell when they need a restroom. Bathroom floors always dirty. Needs a good mopping with Lysol.

Bathroom counter tops always wet. Seldom are counter wiped down. I have asked to see cleaning schedule and told they don't have a schedule. Don't you think a busy gym would have their cleaning staff going to dressing rooms and restrooms hourly.

Nasty showers. For days you will see the same pile of hair and crud in the showers. The floor in the aerobic room is dirty. Don't walk in their barefoot for yoga, you will collect all kinds of dirt on your feet.

Floor in the spin room is nasty. I remember when spin floor was mopped daily. Not anymore. You can see sweat spots all over the floor.

Staff at door does not stay hello or goodbye. Neither does manager that sits at the front desk. Trainers are not friendly. Trainers don't appear to be happy, never see one smile at you.

Overall I wish I was not in a prepaid multi year contract.

I would not recommend this gym to anyone.

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