my husband and I belong to LA fitness in Boca Raton FL on Glades and 441.

The place was never really clean but in the last month it is filty. Everyone is complaning.we have 8 people on our block alone who are very

discusted with the gym. The carpets need to be changed and the machinery

is old and falling apart and keep on breaking.The new soap cleaning dispensers are a joke. you do not get enough of the germ cleaner on the

paper towel to clean the equipment. The equipment itself if dirty,never

gets cleaned by the staff.the staff management doesn't look like they even

care about trying to fix up the place. Everyone pays good money to go to

the gym and we do not want to come home with germ infested hands and clothes. We along with our neighbors are really thinking about going

someplace else, with another gym.

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