Reston, Virginia

Since LA Fitness brought out Bally the club has run down. They fired the maintenance man at the Saint

Clair Shores location in Michigan. The swimming and whirlpools are always dirty. They need to have a

maintenance schedule insure the clean quality of the pools and the club in general. Why would they

fire a maintenance worker without having a qualified person to replace him. Some one needs to re-

port this club to the health department and the media. The general manager at this location was not

thinking about the welfare of the members. He was only thinking about the bottom of profit.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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Chris - can you post the numbers or email addresses to corporate and regional managers - because I want to add to your complaints. Have you tried the Health Depts? Blaine Hot Tub has to be shut down every tuesday morning per order of the health dept - so it a KNOWN issue at these clubs!


i've been pointing out how messy and dirty the men's locker room is at the roseville club for more than six months. have complained to operations manager, regional manager, club manager (who appears just to be the sales manager).

have called corporate in california too. still a wreck on many visits.

they don't appear to have enough janitorial staff to keep up with things. and the sales and fitness people could care less about the state of the locker room(s) as far as i can tell.


Have been paying for a family membership for the past 5 years and recently returned to 'working out'. This club used to be very clean with staff that were knowledgeable and professional. That has certainly changed and we are wondering with so many unemployed people how the management staff of these facilities are able to retain their jobs.

Last weekend (after 3 weeks of continually battling hair clogged drains and dirty counters and toilets) I finally lost it when a shower stall was sporting a used tampon among other trash & asked to speak to the manager on duty.

The 2 young men at the front desk were barely able to communicate with the exception of a sullen, blank stare for 10 seconds before asking me what 'my' problem was. I gave him the shorter version of why I was unhappy and that I wanted to speak directly to the manager. I was told he was 'busy' and that this person would tell him I was unhappy. As I doubted his commitment to following up with the manager - I asked him to take my name and telephone number and to have Charles call me. This Call Never Came.

Trying to find the contact information for corporate or even the district level of this company is like a Sherlock Holmes mystery! Finally I tried the New Brighton Location and asked to speak with their manager in the hopes he could give me the District Managers Contact info - - Apparently, rude aggressive tones are what these jocks are valued for? Justin was extremely rude and rattled off the 949-255-7200 number which is posted online chats as "the phone that just rings".... that was my experience as well.

Now- There are ALWAYS some staff just sitting at the front desk - there are ALWAYS staff not with customers..... if LA Fitness does not want to PAY a locker room attendant to keep the trash cans from overflowing, to wipe down the counters and benches with a disinfectant, to quick swab out the hair and other items out of the shower stalls and to treat the pool in a way that changes the color from green - then they should have the useless jocks earn their pay and do it! Or----- Close the doors on this filthy facility.

There are many reasons WHY a facility would be is such shoddy condition with such useless employees and that starts at the TOP management level. It is apparent that upper management does NOT want to be contacted - they only want membership fees without the responsibility of providing clean environments and good employees. I am in the process of filing with the State of Minnesota and using a LA fitness 19miles - If that won't work - then we will cancel the memberships and move over to Lifetime Fitness.

I hate dealing with schmucks.


from what I understand, Ballys only had a outside cleaning crew coming in at night when the club was closed. Now they will have a janitor staff working during the clubs OPEN hours which will make the club cleaner - it will be their responability to mop pool area etc...

As for the pool maintenance worker LA FITNESS had a pool company that will now take over cleaning the pool and whirlpool. Its hard in this economy for people to lose their jobs but if LA FITNESS hadn't bought Ballys out none of ex-Bally workers or members would have a place to go.