Dayton, Ohio
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La Fitness in the Greene Dayton Ohio--My friend and I have worked out together for several years and she competes in fitness shows around the local area--she is a full time mom with 2 special needs children--her husband joined to work out with us and while on the floor working out we were approach my the head trainer accusing my friend of PERSONAL TRAINING her HUSBAND that pays the gym memberships for their family and was rude and intimating--THIS GYM SEEMS MORE FOCUSED ON SELLING PERSONAL TRAINING THAN A GYM WHERE YOU CAN GO TRAIN TO GET INTO GOOD SHAPE--In very small print in their agreement it reads--NO COACHING OR TRAINING up to management at the gym--He then said he wanted to hire her to be a personal trainer there--we left, cancelled our memberships and went to a REAL GYM across the street where they HELP and ENCOURAGE you to be the BEST YOU CAN BE!! SO HAPPY WE LEFT THAT powder puff gym

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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You know I think it's so funny how people complain about that. Life is so unfair that your friend got asked to stop training you. Don't you realize that is taking someone's job away?!