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HORRENDOUS!! Northridge, CA LA fitness location on 18670 Devonshire St has to be THE WORST LA fitness club I have ever attended.

I have had membership there for years and my mom has had on and off membership with them. I decided to take her a few weeks back to take her mind off of a memorial service we had to attend that day. We were going to have her attain a guest pass under me. My mom started walking into the gym, while I was still checking us in at front. The operations manager there started yelling at her to get back. She came back and he said he needed A, B, C to give her a guest pass.

He was giving us a hard time with his attitude, being rude, and taking his time. We had to get going after a while for memorial service. He sensed the "rushness" and after telling us that he was setting her up with a guest pass, he looks at us and says "you know what, I don't have to take this, I don't have to give you a guest pass." He started raising his voice and humiliating us right at the front desk where everybody checks in! He started accusing my mom that she was "sneaking" into the gym!! I called HR the next day and they told me they had no right to deny the pass unless she had attended the gym within 6 months, was too old, too young, had some physical limitations. HR put a note under my name saying the next time we go, LA fitness has to honor the guest pass.

So we go the next time and the general manager somehow knows who we are and immediately says to us "you were here 3 weeks ago weren't you? Trying to get in? I can't over ride that." Then I told him clearly what HR told me and to look under my name for the HR note. He continued to give us a hard time and then blatantly lied that "any ex member of the gym cannot be issued a guest pass." !!!! I again had to REMIND HIM of LA fitness policy for guest passes. I caught a brief expression on his face that showed he was a little scared of being caught of blatantly violating policy. He then did us a "favor" of issuing a one day pass. He did NOT issue the 3 day pass as should have been given!!!

Also, apparently the operations manager clearly violated policy by telling my mom's identity and incident to the general manager, because after dealing with him for God knows how long, he started saying the same thing that "you were sneaking into the gym and you used abusive language." I was horrified that such FALSE accusations were put on my mom and I !!!

Above all he wouldn't even hear us out and said "This conversation is over!"

I would suggest people to sign up at a different gym in Northridge or wait for the new location in Woodland Hills.


-Over 10 years old worn out equipment

-Most equipment is broken and remains broken for months with an "out of order sign" on it

-Dumbbells and mats are all over the place

-Locker rooms are very unsanitary

-Locker room bathroom doors have wide gaps which might make one think if people can see through

-Most lockers are broken

-HIgh theft location, front desk actually has fliers claiming indemnification

-Classes are changed all the time without notice, if you call ahead of time to find out, they usually don't know or will just lie to you that class is taking place. For example, the awesome Zumba instructor ditched LA fitness weeks ago. Apparently she didnt give any notice. LA fitness replaced her with someone who clearly CANNOT teach Zumba. I call every time before class to know who's teaching and they tell me Wendy (the awesome Zumba instructor). When I get there, she's not there.

-Most class instructors do not know what they are doing. Be careful of injuries

-Staff is extremely rude!!

-Management is more rude than the staff!!

-Management will practically yell at you and humiliate you in front of other clients and staff if you disagree with them!!!

-Very overcrowded, have to wait in line for most equipment

If you're on a mission to lose weight or just stay fit, it won't happen here. You might just gain some from the stress they give you with such rude service.

Don't expect to get any good classes, equipment, motivation, or service here. It won't happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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