Dear Scot,I apologize in advance if I'm reaching the wrong person in regards to a complaint but your email was the only one listed on the corporate website. You may have some influence since you are heading the Business Opportunities for LA Fitness.

I can imagine that you look for quality owners who make sure that Customers Service is their #1 priority aside from making money.On February 14th, my friend and I were checking in at the front desk. A trainer named Rochelle approached us to work out with her. Normally we take the spinning class since we only have an hour to work out due to having families but on that day we were game to work with a trainer. We thought she could help us with our fitness goals and possibly teach us something new which she did but also found a rude behavior.

Ben, the assistant manager acted as if he was the manager and had a worse attitude.A little bit about Liz and I:Liz is a full-time parent with a newborn in addition to having some health problems that are affecting her everyday life. I am a full-time professional, full-time mother and partner who in the past year has gained 40 LBS. Mind you, that I've never been this heavy but life has taken it's course and along the way, I was unable to care for myself due to caring for others.We are back in the gym in attempt to get our health and bodies back to what they were. The last thing we were expecting is for two highly trained individuals to treat two paying customers like some FAT SLOBS.

They made it seem as if we had no care in the world to purchase their training services.Few phrases mentioned were:"How could you let your body get so big?" "Wow, you're my age and I could never see myself getting that big!" "If, you really want to get fit, you will sign today and not care what your partner's have to say!" "If, you were my friend or girlfriend, you would not have to call me, I would say do it!" No Questions asked! "What kind of partner do you have?" "If, you have to consult your partner, he must not care that your health is in danger!" "Why come to the gym, if you only come every now and then?" "You might as well, just give up!" “You’re 5’10, wow, I’m 5’8, you can’t be that much taller than me!” I can never imagine getting that big!” “ I've made a commitment to my body and health!”We never said we were not going to purchase the trainer program, all we said is we have to consult with our partners. Not sure if you have a spouse or partner to whom you consult when making large purchases and if you do, you can understand why we would.Another thing, Liz and I have taken steps to better our health and the first step was to become a member with LA fitness. Weather we use it everyday or once a week, the attempts are there and no one should ever make us feel like we are FAT SLOBS because our schedules do not allow us to do what some people can.This is what my friend text me on the February 15th:"I'll never go back there again!!

I never would have imagined that I would leave the gym feeling so down. All they cared about was trying to make a sale on us and use tactics to make us feel like ***. That's not what we signed up for. They don't know what u and I have gone through.

I've been struggling with depression and enough health problems as it is. I didn't expect to go to the gym to have their "manager" and trainer make me feel even worse about myself. They have no sale skills whatsoever. If they were truly genuinely concerned about my healthy then they could have approached me in a more encouraging way and left the offer on the table.

They undermined every explanation I tried to give them. I felt like I was being attacked with every answer and reason I gave them as to why I couldn't afford to commit to a entire year. I'm disgusted with how Ben talked to me and made me uncomfortable. I'll never-ever go back to that gym again.”Can you imagine a person who suffers from depression?

People kill themselves because of bullying of this sort. It’s unimaginable that grown adults in a managerial position act like this.I am a leasing Manager for Equity Residential a nationwide property management company. I've train new leasing consultants and properties how to adapt to a customer's personality, compassion and have a sense of understanding even though they are polar opposites. Customer Service is not about you, it’s about the customer and treating people how you would like to be treated.I called Marilyn the General Manager the following day to give him the benefit of the doubt.

He was a bit emphatic although found excuses as to why Ben may have said those hurtful comments. On top of that, he asked if I would be willing to speak to Ben on how I felt. Absolutely NOT!.. I already told Ben how I felt on that day and those concerns were never addressed.

They were butchered with bullying words. The funny thing is I am yet to hear from Marlyn on the outcome of their discussion.I have decide to purchase a boot camp training class in West LA since they are able to provide me with the support I need.I look forward to hearing from you.--

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Fitness Program.

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