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The women's change room at the Kennedy Commons location is absolutely disgusting!! Every morning (at 5:30 am) I walk into overflowing garbage bins, paper towel and empty water bottles on the floor, empty shampoo bottles left behind in the showers, clumps of hair clogging the drains in the showers and empty toilet paper rolls in the bathroom stalls. However, the most disgusting thing I walked into had to be the used sanitary pad I found on the floor in the showers this morning!! Obviously, they do not have any cleaning staff coming in to clean the club before they open the next morning.

After repeated phone calls and emails (including pictures) to both the manager of this club and head office, advising of the lack of cleanliness of this club, nothing gets done about it. In speaking to other members, I am apparently not the only person that has complained to management - we all seem to be getting the same message - "thank you for bringing this to my attention as this is the first I am hearing of this".

LA Fitness: you obviously don't care about your members and the cleanliness of your clubs - shame on you! Maybe it's time to start posting pictures of the change rooms to social media - maybe then this problem will get some attention!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not only this,

the customer service is disgusting at this location. Today I went in and tried to get a guest pass for a friend.

My friend is actively looking for a gym and is considering LA.

I have been a member with LA fitness for 3 years.

The person (I think his name is Jeffery) said either pay 15$ or sign up now.

This is bull ***! After being a member for 3 years, aren't I entitled to one guest pass for a potential member? I left and went to the LA Fitness at Warden and Eglinton.

The guest services is 100% better at this location. THey helped my friend.

She actually joined. Glad a good sales rep made commission rather than a rude arrogant unhelpful douchbag!