From the Signature club in South Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL

It is frequently running out of towels, they told me today that the washer was broken. I asked the guy, so you only have one washer?.

On Saturday, August 14, there was a guy in the stepper with 2 long towels and 2 short towels The number of towels by member should be limited to one of each, otherwise, do not guarantee towels when enrolling a new member. That's deceiving. The family restroom was out of service because the toilet was clogged, and it was full of crap all over the place last Saturday, August 21st. The toilet paper dispensers are broken and when you take a crap, you have to hold the paper with one hand. The toilets are always dirty and full of crap. They compare to the portable potty of disgusting and stinking that they are.

Used towels, masks, underwear, empty bottles of shampoo and garbage all over the place in the lockers and showers.

The showers and floors of this gym have not seen a pressure washer in years. The soap dispensers are full of *** the tiles, and floors with hair from razors for days, showers without light, bugs in the ceiling of the showers, the grouts of each shower are disgusting and full of germs. At times, there are even 6 employees in the front desk laughing, bouncing a basketball when only one is needed and the other five can be cleaning and maintaining the facility because that is what I pay for. They are constantly on their phones, texting. LA should not allow their employees to text or listen to music on their phones. If they want to listen to music, the gym has music playing constantly. The gym offers a Healthy facility, towels, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet and paper towel and equipment, all of that, in exchange for $39/month. Do people get a discount when we do not have these things constantly. The doors of the stalls don't close, and the frames are rusted, making the door shake when you are trying to get some privacy doing your business. Good luck with that!

The wood in the frame of the sauna is rotten. It was probably Saturday, August 7th or 14th that the dispenser of paper towel next to the elliptical and treadmill machines by the trainers' area was empty. Employees were passing by, and no one had the decency of bringing a new role. It has to be a member, called Mary, who went back and brought a freaking roll of paper towel and changed it by herself. That is not her job, but LA Fitness is charging her the monthly fee as usual. Several members including me went to the front desk and reported the dispenser out of paper. The complaint went in through and ear and got out through the other ear. I was a member of Crunch for many years and every Saturday morning they were pressuring washing the showers and constantly changing the shower curtains. These are not even $2 in Walmart and the gym only have 10 showers. If you buy them in bulk it's probably less than $1. Even in the Dollar Tree, you can buy them for $1. But you guys are lazy and pigs. I am sorry for it is the truth. We are in the middle of a pandemic and many times there are not disinfectant spray bottles in the front desk. Before the lift of the masks and when the business came fully operational, these bottles were in the front desk all the time. Once this was a lifted, the gym stopped providing these bottles. After I complain, they started to put them out again, but not as many as before.

User's recommendation: Run.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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