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Ok here is a story of LA fitness

I called the Alhambra Branch located at 412 East Main Street, Alhambra and I spoke to a person name Tony, he offer me the membership at $799 for 2 years and then 99 for renew plan. I told him I will think about it, I called another branch at Pasadena at 201 S. Lake Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101 the person who I contacted with is name Edward Vazquez, he give me the same deal, except I only have to pay 600. So naturally I took my time off work, drive to Pasadena (traffic was ***, took me over 1 hour drive, then I have to pay for the street parking as well) and sign up with Edward. Later that day Tony called me and found out that I sign up with another branch, then he proceed to sabotage my deal on purpose (which I didn't give him any permission to look into my membership plan), he called his superior and then later I got a phone call from some guy from the Alhambra branch told me the deal I have is canceled, he told me the deal I got was illegal. Then I asked him how was that not legal? I called your Gym phone number, speak to your employee, got the quote from him, I drove down there to sign up for membership, at what point the action I did was illegal? He didn't answer that, then I asked him what is your name, what is your employee number, how can I know you are legal and what you tell me is legal, he give me his name as Edward with no last name and did not give me his employee number, then hang up on my face promptly which I did not finish talking with him. I called back on the phone he called me, and there is no one name Edward work there, basically he flat lied to my face. I now hold in my hand a legit contract of my membership which I obtained through the normal legal process, which I took time off my work, and just by 1 phone call from them few hours later, it is now a worthless piece of paper.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GYM, they deliberately sabotage their own customers, and fight among themselves, they do not keep their word, they are not honest to themselves, they are by far NOT honest to their own customers. What you are dealing is the worst of the worse of corporate American, avoid LA Fitness at all cost. Never join them if you can. And feel free to copy this message into other forums or message board if you want. My email is I can provide you with all evidence what I talked about today. If you need a copy of the contract or my phone record, just email me. I want to expose to the world the true nature of LA fitness.

Review about: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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