the people that workout at the allen park location do not have gym ethics, they leave dumbells/weights laying all over which means you cannot find weights when you need them. Not to mention the empty water bottles and dirty paper towels laying everywhere.

when i asked the girl at the front counter what there procedure is for getting people to put there weights back in proper place i was told that she is the only one to tell people to put their weights back or pick them up herself and she cannot do that because she is busy at the front counter.

when i took the matter to the manager Phil i was told he is working on it, well i guess now that the gym has been open for five months now and they have milked all the memberships out of it that they can he is nowhere to be found, i have brought a lot of people from other gyms and i can take them with me. I have respect for my gyms that i have trained at but the people at this gym are going to make me look for another place to train all because LA fitness is worried about losing memberships, well they are going to lose mine!

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New Jersey/ Secaucus opened “Signature Club”. The “signature” is fading rather rapidly. We do not have floating debris in swimming pool yet, but I could see it is coming.

In the past 3 month all lockers get numerical locks removed and now we have to car padlocks.

The clock stopped working in swimming pool area, so the solution- removes the clocks.

And “innovations” keep coming. This morning two new signs appear: sorry we experience extreme shortage of the towers; and in the locker room over the bean that used to collect used towels: we are implementing new procedures- please bring your used towels to the front desk, where you picked it up. I guess the front desk will re-cycle it to save on washing and drying? (I am kidding, but keep my fingers cross, hoping that recycle will not happen).

I signed up for this club because it opened at 5 AM and I can use it before going to work. Morning locker rooms are dirty. By the time I come out of the swimming pool and my friends return from work out and start ready for work, but there is cleaning lady working through the men’s shower and locker room that make it use quite inconvenient.

Steam room heater keep breaking at list 2 or 3 times a week.

This is not what I sign up for!


LA Fitness, should change it's name to getto or tenement fitness. they paint, but do the barest minimum to clean or get rid of the roaches.

They seldom clean the pool and are very disorganised. When you go for a swim expect not to find an open lane and watch out for all sorts of debrie floating throughout the pool. They do not provide well for the safety of the members. They have a booming business but rarely reinvest in their locations if at all.

The carpets at the one I have been a member of have never been changed since the place opened some 15 or 20 yrs ago. Although, the club is in a fairly decent neighborhood, however, many of the clientel they attract act as if they just came from the barrio with no manners, edicate, or respect for others. They frequently throw their trash on the floor rather than in the waste basket.

If you lose something there, expect never to get it back. If you have lowed expectations then this is the club for you.

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