Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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These people must sleep comfortably tucked in their soft huge beds at night, after eating an enormous meal, that my money gave them. Never, ever sign up for this ridiculous company.

Their customer service is a bunch of brain washed meat heads that fall easy prey to the "corporate mentality". They are and forever right and you as the consumer are always WRONG!

I cancelled my membership in February, after keeping it unwillingly for an entire year to avoid the $400 fine for leaving early, while having been signed up for a personal trainer. We allowed the whole term with the personal trainer to run out.

Here it is July and they are still taking $75 a month out of my account. They claimed that since I never submitted a form to specifically cancel the trainer membership, which we were told was over, I still had access to my trainer.

Lets get this straight... I asked the operator, to her confusion, that since I am no longer a member of La Fitness, does that not mean I would be trespassing, or not legally allowed to enter? In order to use my trainer... in order to use any trainer, I Have to BE A MEMBER!

When it all boils down to it, after talking to two brain washed bimbos who coulda cared less about me, they read off the standard protocol form and offered to merely cancel it for me and refund 1 month.

So I am out $225. In this economy...

All that I ever wanted was to become a member of a gym and attempt to make myself look and feel better. The typical American effort at health.

Instead I have actually had my blood pressure rate increase, my stress levels sky rocket causing anger and ulcers.

So in all I wish to thank La Fitness for raping me of my money, pride, and trust in any corporation.

I can only hope that they all have something similar happen to them at some point in life so that they will know what its like to be me.

Disgruntly yours, FukLaFitness.....

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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Cancel your credit card immediately. They will not come after you with a credit agency, that is just a scare tactic.


I know what you are going through because the EXACT same thing is happening to me now! I signed up at the Farmingdale, NY LA Fitness and was given a special rate of $25 per month and was told that they needed my credit card info "for their files". I trusted them and gave them my credit card and a month later they started charging my card for $75! I called them and told them that I want to cancel my membership while I was overseas and they told me I have to come in person, which is ***. After I returned, I found that they had charged another $75, making for a total of $150. I went in person to cancel my membership and was told that I am NOT allowed to cancel until I cough up the $150! When I try to contact John, who works at Farmingdale LA Fitness and is the original rep who I signed up with along with Chris, who also works there, they hang up in my face and refuse to answer my calls and if they do answer, they just tell you the same old line about having to pay even though John told me that I WAS RIGHT and that I only signed up for the $25 a month deal!

When I went to another LA Fitness to cancel my membership, I was told that if I don't pay the $150 they will report it to the credit agencies and ruin my rating.





Once you sign up for this horrible gym, you are screwed because they won't allow you to cancel and they will keep charging your card as much as they want.