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To actually take the time out to write a "review" on-line, I need to be pretty upset to do it. The unprofessionalism &lack of welcome, begins the minute you step in the door.

You'll be greeted by...correction you'll greet one or two of the young adult occupying the space at the front counter who's basically there to scan your key chain & look confused when ever you have a real question. If you do have a question, an already seemingly frustrated, unqualified manager will be there to recite anything you didn't happen to "catch" on the forms. So any logical conversation into resolving any issue(s) you have regarding your account, won't be resolved. You'll probably be handed coporate phone number.

But they wont help you either any one at coporate with the authority to help you, regaurding payment errors on their behalf, will decide not to.They dont have to, complicated payment policies & membership cancelation protocol legaly supports their decission from ever having to give you a refund should you need one. The only thing they value is access to your bank account. Save yourself the trouble dont sign up. A blunt effort to not value their business apparently starts from the top.

There's no desire in satisfying their customers nor is there any expressed appreciation of your business. Dont bother w/ hiring a personal trainer either. My free assessment consisted of a personal trainer who met me for the first time, 3 times. He gave me his resume, a rehearsed pitch which he closed each time with; " Ill change your life, man." Now, the appointment at 11 am went something like a coloring book session with a kindergarten student who's had an alcohol problem for a few years.

He told me what a bad day he was having & sped through a jumbled mess of routine information that he was tired of dishing out. He laughed at himself & occasionally touched upon a plan he would workout for me in between asking me how much I can pay today. It was a lesser equivalent of what can be gathered in reading an article of men's Health magazine while in line at the grocery store. He then proceeded a sales pitch that I should hire him to help train me.

He said he was tired &that he'll have some one else go through my free assessment workout tomorrow. He laughed & said "that was classic", in a proud astonishment of his display of failure as a personal trainer I guess... that's not even the half of it.Everyone deals with customer assistance as if they are shocked that you are asking them a question. As if they forgot they were at work.

As I'm working out on the machine I am treated to background music of foolish laughter of the conversations of how members are complaining about their staff. (A successful day for them I guess) as its treated as humorous that so many of the guests that do interact with the staff at la fitness leave unsatisfied & undermined. Nothing like Dufus obnoxious laughter echoing from the front desks of what are supposed to be professionals using profanity, laughing at their paying customers. The trainer that I wrote about, avoids me like the black plague never making eye contact and I have never been approached with an apology or another trainer to provide the free assessment workout that is offered with new membership.Well heres my free assessment of you LA fitness.

I'm a fit, healthy individual. I workout pretty much everyday. I eat healthy and stay active. I meditate.

But the negativity and stress that is created by LA fitness & those emplyed is enough to make me want to stop going to that environment. Instead of waisting another minute on the stress and dis-satisfaction that is consistently provided at your local La fitness center Id urge you to consider your other options of fitness. As for me Ive canceledmymembership and will leave the rest up to the law of Karma.This is my fair warning. Don't Join this gym.

If you do you may find your self wasting your time writing up reviews on a place that deserves neither your time nor your business. -best wishes « Hide

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