Jacksonville, Florida

General Manager and Training Manager are not available, do not listen to you when you ask them a question or have any type of concern (after you have joined of course), parking is impossible, can never find a place to park. I paid for a trainer for one year 4 times a week (over $4,000/yr).

General Manager and Training Manager double up on the trainers so the trainer has to train two people at one time (within 30 minutes) causing the trainer to be late for my appointment. The club is very crowded and you have to wait for the cardio and weight machines. This complaint is not about the trainers or staff. They are excellent, at least the trainer I have worked with for the past 9 months.

If you want to complain to someone other than the General Manager or Training Manager, there is NOBODY you can talk to! I was told there is no corporate office. I was on the phone for over 25 minutes trying to find the corporate office and bounced all over the US. My membership is up June and I will not be signing up again.

Stay tuned for the result of me trying to cancel my membership with these *** Should be interesting.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Parking.

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Ive been a member now for 4 years, the orange city facility has gone from good to bad and by this I mean , filthy deplorable conditions. The bathrooms are frequently out of toilet paper with disgusting individuals getting upset and leaving fecal matter on hand desk dispensed paper on the floor .

The showers are not cleaned or stocked on a regular basis , curtains missing , soap dispensers with no covers or empty, today there was bloody bandages left on the shower entrance , discarded garments left behind and bottles of who knows what scattered about this cesspool of bacteria infested *** hole .

The urinal are out of service are are a majority of the equipment on the floor , which has not been vacuumed in what looks like weeks . It’s to bad this facility has taken this turn for the worse , it was a good place at one time .


The training staff is wonderful at this facility no complaints no issues 5 star service!!


chill out. you're there for a good and enjoyable workout and that's it.

the amenities they offer are to be considered a plus such as showers, sauna, pool, hoy tub. plus you know nothing about there schedule to know if it's an easy job or not. just stop your ***. park far away from the gym main doors.

think of it as a pre-cardio workout. join planet fitness then, don't drop the weights.


The corporate phone number is in Irvine Calif. 949-255-7200 weekdays only. good luck


My comments from 3/12/13 are for the Orange City location only.


I don't have the problem that you do about the trainer but parking is horrible. Be glad the cardio machines are always full.

Have you seen how filthy they are? The cup holders and tops of the treadmills are disgusting!! I am tired of the muscle head groups using all the machines to sit and socialize and text. If you can't go an hour without your phone, don't go to the gym.

Apparently they have no sense of urgency or consideration. Yesterday I had to attempt to get upstairs without falling over the basketball players sitting on the stairs. Not one of them made an attempt to move. No gym bags on the floor?

Ha!!! They are everywhere. This used to be a nice club when it opened but has gone way downhill. I would like to see them enforce their posted rules or get a new manager.

I found your post by chance when trying to determine how to make a complaint. Now I wonder if I should bother or just cancel and join LifeStyle or Planet Fitness.


I agree the management at the orange city location is a joke. So are about 75% of the trainers not all but most. All they care about is money......Yes the equipment is dirty and no rules enforced it is more like a hang out and not a gym.