Orlando, Florida

I was a member there for over a year when I finally got fed up & made a complaint about about Sexual harassment &Cory Sheffield the manager to corporate. Guess what happened!?

My membership got cancelled and all of the employees filed complaints about me after I threatened to press charges against him! When Cory first started I told Patrick(another employee) how he made several inappropriate comments about my ***. He never said another thing, he would just stare at me all the time!!! I work out almost everday & I work out hard!

Cory Sheffield befriended me & acted like he was my best buddy until I made a complaint.

Stay away from this place!!! Cory Sheffield is a very good looking man but do not fall for his looks & charm!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Stop spreading false info on here and Facebook.


Beware of this complaint. Tricia Davolos is a convicted stalker and trespasser. She has severe mental issues.


Gee Cory, I was trespassed because u had me banned from your LA & the stalking charges got dropped! I had no idea about this?

You work in altamonte so your alias didn't work very well!?


Obviously you don't know Cory that well because we were set to be married by a Judge Bravo on February 13, 2012! Cory does enjoy flirting, I won't deny that!!

I'm not exactly sure of the date yet but, we will prob be married in early March by Judge Carmine Bravo! Maybe you need to ask Cory since you know him SO well!!!


I know cory. He def. is NOT getting married.


Wow ur marrying him? When i spoke to him last year he said he didnt have a woman.

He is a major flirt but then again hes very hot. Good luck hope u guys are happy.


OK this is going to sound weird, Cory Sheffield & I are getting married on February 13th, 2012!!

I can't make any comment on how good or bad LA Fitness is as I've not been a member for years but, I am so glad that I found Cory Sheffield!!!


I made that last complaint about LA fitness & Cory Sheffied in March of 2010. I can't erase it now but Cory Sheffield is one of the best trainers!

Please disreguard the complaint I made. Think long & hard before you make a negative complaint about a business or person!


Thanks so much for this post. It was extremely helpful to me.


Ok, I need to clear this up! A month?

before I was cancelled Cory did tell me that because he was the GM and I was just a member there could be nothing between us. I later found out that the day I was cancelled was also the day of the divorce from his 1st wife.

We all know that men have communication issues & rather than explain the situation Cory clammed up! Fast forward to today and I love Cory more than ever!!!