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All people in LA Fitness is scammers. Name them: sales manager, field manager, front desk girl, corporate "supervisors". They are all work together to milk you out and charging you with membership fees that you're not getting. They will pass you to one thousand people until you fed up and hate yourself for signing that *** agreement at the first place.

Here is my story:

On July 31st, me and my son sign up for a membership for 2 people with a benefit of bringing guest for each member. We were concerned because from the first place, we noticed that the sales manager named Dewight don't put any description in our agreement. We expressed our concern to him and he replied, "I'm not gonna run anywhere.. there's no place in the contract where we can put that. So, if you have any problem accessing the club, you can always come to me. No worries" So, basically who else can we trust there beside an LA Fitness representative who sold us the membership?

So, off we go.. and use the membership without ANY problem for almost a month.

After one month passed, a week after our probation time ends (you know that all fitness membership have probation time of which you can modify or cancel your membership within certain period of time, but after you passed that period, you basically stuck to the plan); on August 28 for exact.. we started to have problem entering a facility. They mentioned that one of us is not on the plan, and it was me. They humiliated me as if I'm a thief who stolen someone's bar code to enter a gym.

So, we try to clarify that we have 2 people in the plan. They said their records only show 1 person is in the plan, and that's my son. So, we go to the initial branch where we sign up and they said Dewight who helped us is no longer working there, because he has done many problems informing false membership to customer. So, I take it as... they know that it was their fault, cos we were only victims. Then, I asked them to honor the membership he sold us. The branch manager said there is nothing that they can do about it, they give us 1800 number to call the corporate.

Then, I called the corporate office. Spoke to someone claimed to be a supervisor name Laura. She told us that she can't do anything because there's nothing in the contract saying what we're claiming. Then when I ask them, why it only happens after a month? We've been using it almost everyday, but why nothing happened during our probation period? Is it a chain of scam? Where no one mentioned anything during probation time, cos in those period we can still modify or cancel. Then after we passed that probation time, suddenly all problems come out? She completely shut up and just said, "I don't know why.. I'm not there."

What??? Of course you're not there. If you need to be present to decide something why don't the branch manager decide something for us? Why should we call corporate office??

She is definitely not using her brain when she answers my questions. She offers less to zero assistance in resolving the issue. She refuses to refund us the fees that we've paid.

I highly believe that they intentionally do this.

Why don't anyone mentioned anything during my 1 month time? While we were using the gym almost everyday? Why suddenly when probation time ends, the problem arises? Plus... we're only a victim of things that we don't aware. Why should we eat up the cost and pays for LA fitness employee's mistake of giving false information?

This entire business is ***... The building might look good, but don't let it deceive you.. it's only good for scamming people..


Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Soooooo how do I trust a poorly written story? I go to the one on Coral Way in Miami and I haven't had the slightest problem. Maybe all of these are isolated incidents?


They are the biggest scammers in North America - don't ever put pen to paper and sign a contract with them.

If you ever have any issues...they will not listen, and they will only give you the run around causing a lot of stress/grief and unneeded anxiety.

They will taunt you on the phone, belittle you, and treat you like garbage, but I guess that's how they respect their own facilities as they fall apart easily and aren't maintained (you are bound to find at least 3 pieces of equipment out at one time, and the whirlpools broken on a daily basis).

Also, if I have a card to sign in, why do I have to wait for a customer service girl to be behind the counter to enter the facility? Yet if you are off the street, non member, you can just walk through the pull gate and do whatever you want in there...

Their changerooms are filthy with *** and toilet paper all over the floor and cracked mirrors/broker laminate on the counter tops etc.

Prior to it being an LA Fitness, there was a proper dress code...but now with LA Fitness, there is no dress code and you can often see spaghetti tops on men and belly shirts on women - both without arms so their armpits sweats and drips all over the equipment, which no one cleans. Trainers don't know anything and will refuse to help any member out if they need assistance and if you've ever watched a training session, half the time the trainer will be on his phone and not paying attention to the client - as well they will not wipe down the equipment after it's been used, even though the stuff is all over the gym with signs specifying how one should wipe down the equipment after use. And...if you try to contact LA Fitness it's impossible, as there are no emails and no direct lines. Even if you've been given someone's extension, there is no extension or voice mail...and whomever you get on the phone will just give you the run around (so forget about asking for a supervisor or manager...). When you call corporate they don't do anything...they just want your $. Worst business of all time and i hope they get swallowed up by small business owners who actually care about one's physical/mental health.


LA Fitness is great in my opinion. Am not sure why the positive comments get the most down votes (and vice-versa).

When I read a majority of the comments here, all I'm seeing is blaming, complaining, and name calling. Whenever there's an issue, you're supposed to take mature adult action to achieve a solution even if you weren't originally at fault.

I was worried that one day I may be "glitched" out of their system. Solution= I keep receipts of my cash payments to LA Fitness that way I have proof of payment and being a member.

I didn't like the music when I first started going to LA Fitness. Solution= I bring my own iPod and earbuds now.

I found LA Fitness a bit pricey at the beginning.

Solution= I acted uninterested and doubtful towards the desk office employee which persuaded him to lower the price for me.

I was worried about possible unnecessary charges. Solution= I spoke with one of the desk/office workers regarding that topic. Also, I check my online bank account daily.

A few machines were smelly and sweaty. Solution= Shrug it off or ask an employee to clean it (or clean it myself).

When the time comes when I do cancel my account (whenever it may be), I'll be requesting obtainable proof or an email (which I can print out) so I have proof to show if I were to still be in their system. Whenever there's a problem do whatever it takes to seek a solution, unless you want to be pessimistic your entire life. Solutions take effort, communication, and usually hard work.

Complaining and pointing fingers won't help. ~Raised by a psychologist and currently taking a psychology class in college~


I recently had the pleasure of having my monthly contract altered (for more expensive terms) behind my back with a forged signature. I don't need to pile on the accusations of deception, lying, greed, etc.

That should be obvious to anyone who's googled the company for mere seconds.

But be aware that their deceit is not limited to misleading verbal assurances, but FORGERY as well. I am in the process of seeking legal action (via a Class Action lawsuit) and wish to gather as many victims as possible. If you or anyone you know were affected by this same type of fraud PLEASE email me at catsupdog1@gmail.com.

Wouldn't it be great to actually stick it to them? Ranting on comment boards is fun and all, but legal action just seems to resonate more with, you know, criminals.

All it takes is some organization and effort.

Please share if possible. Thanks.


I recently bought a membership and it was stated to me by the salesman that it covers EVERY gym in Texas. Now on my first day, I try to go to a group class at a gym down the freeway and they say I can't go there.

They say that I have access to all clubs EXCEPT signature clubs. I've spoken to two people at corporate, the GM and sales manager at the location I purchased it from. They are all saying that "of course" I can't go to the signature clubs because it's not in my membership details and no one gets to go to signature clubs for the price I paid. Well this is news to me.

The guy that sold me the membership stated that I have access to "ALL clubs in Texas." I even went as far as to mention that my work schedule is crazy and I want to have the freedom of attending a group class at any gym that works with my schedule on any given day. He affirmed to me that I can attend any club I want.

Now that I find out different, not one LA Fitness employee is willing to uphold the words of the salesman. Another unethical ripoff case from LA Fitness...


Same thing happened to me in Florida. i was told that i can go to all clubs in the state.

I unknowingly walked into a Sig Club which looks EXACTLY like the club that i signed up at. In fact, the club that i signed up at is newer and has additional features not at Sig. However, my $1,000 in personal training that i purchased for my son and he has not used yet and my monthly fees for 3 people were not even upgradable for a fee. I signed up a student that is living with me for the year too.

Nope. I have to leave my other membership, throw away the personal training, throw away the sign up fee that i paid for the student and start over. I am still trying to figure out what makes a club signature...... i don't get it!!

I feel lied to and scammed.


I just started at LA Fitness, maybe it's because I live in Florida or maybe it's just that these problems haven't happened to me, but I happen to love LA Fitness. I pay $30.00 a month, plus $160 for my trainer and I feel that it is going great.

Both the trainer and the staff are really sweet with me and have helped me with every question I have had. I'm there to work out anyway and honestly, $190.00 a month is worth every penny towards my goals.

I'm happy that I chose LA Fitness. :grin


I have just spent the past 7 months trying to cancel my membership.

Sent a letter to the PO Box in Irvine back in May. I though it was done but I noticed I was still being billed.

Had a number of calls to them. Once again I thought it was done. But no; I was still being billed. Finally sent a letter to the same address and cc'd the States Attorneys General.

Guess what I received a cancelation notice BUT they billed me for 3 more months!

These guys are crooks. Do not join, don't give them your credit card data, just don't do it.


Been trying to cancel for the last 3months . For some reason they never received any of the cancelation form I send.

I send about 10 times the letter.

Until now im still getting charge. Probably gonna have to cancel my whole bank account.


wow. good that I checked the web for this business.

I stopped by one of their clubs (in Renton, WA) for membership information, because my employer gives me to choose among several fitness clubs. I got a *** feeling from talking to the lady sitting in one of the cubicles. At first, her face had a tint of smile, not unlike a vulture spotting a potential prey. Soon, her face got cold and stiff, as if she were just getting out of a poorly done face-lift surgery, when she found out that I was not in a hurry to sign up.

She refused to give out any information other than $99 to sign up and $35 month-to-month. I did't know if this allows me to use other clubs or not. I couldn't find out if and when the pool they have would be more or less crowded, because that's the main motivation for me to use their facility near my house. She advised me to ask her more questions later when I decide to join the club.

I got a feeling that she's guarding some ultra-sensitive and ultra-secretive corporate data. I was like, what does she want to hide and why?

She makes the place feels creepier than it should be. Now that I read stories here, I don't think I'd go back to that place even if it's so convenient for me to do so.


Omg another bad review of this gym!!! I miss when mine used to be Ballys : (


I have considered joining the gym for a cycling class. After these reviews..NO THANKS!

I don't need that headache!!! I use to go to 24 Hr Fitness and they were great, never a complaint.

I just had to stop going due to an injury! I guess I'm going back to them.


LA Fitness already makes enough money. They bought out one of their long time competitors (Bally) for cryin' out loud.

They revoked my membership because I went to several clubs and basically asked someone at each club to show me around. They felt as if I was asking for too much. They try to be professional but never will.

I moved on to Planet Fitness. They are better organized


la shitness is a scam because if go to get info, they will try to sell you the most expensive membership first, then if you say its too much, they then will ask "whats too much, the monthly or the initiation fee" the initiation fee is money they need to pay the sales rep and the lead sales guy or "manager" like they call him because they are making minimum wage plus commission, so if they dont get an initiation fee, they only get min hourly wage. if u look at the website, there is a price and its cheaper than the prices they offer, but if u dont mention it, they will not mention it, sometimes even if u download a guest pass from the website.

the best monthly fee is usually thirty a month which adds up to $360 yearly, but for that much you could do alot more for your health than giving it to a bunch of lying scamming rich bastards who dont need more $$$ and the majority dont workout anyway. try running and bodyweight workouts outside because its free and use the thirty a month for buying good healthy food


Oh so I don't need to eat or support myself because you're too cheap to go to a decent gym? Buy the membership or get the *** out. Stop playing with people's livelihoods.


it funny to me honestly i have been there for a year now and nothing bad as happen to me at all i love LA Fitness maybe you should try a different LA fitness by your house next time


Contact the regional manager at (949)255-7441. Her name is Leslie and she claims to take all complaints very seriously. Good Luck.


I'm with MB's idea...class action law suit.


I just tried to cancel my membership and was told ot go online then print the form and snail mail it to them and then they would cancel my membership........ Does that make sence to you just another way to extend their income BS


They just want to draw out your dues. Trust me they are crooks.

Send your cancellation letter to:

PO BOX 54170

Irvine California, 92619

with a copy of your member card.

CC the Better Business Bureau and the States Attorneys General or they will deny they got your letter.

These guys are ***.