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I joined LA Fitness a few months ago specifically because of their month to month payment plans. I was told I could cancel at any time, and they made it sound easy and convenient. I called their customer service line on the 10th of October to cancel my membership, because that was the date my next billing would be happening. The customer service rep was a smart Alec to me the whole time and in a very smirky voice, told me that I COULD NOT cancel my membership simply by calling them. He said I had to mail a letter in to them (via snail mail! How 19th Century can you be!) and that is had to arrive there five days before my next billing date if I wanted to avoid paying for another whole month.

So they can take my money online and over the phone and sign me up in seconds, but in order to cancel I've got to jump through hoops for them and take a week to do it. They instituted this month to month payment plan to draw us in with the comfort of knowing we weren't locking ourselves in to this big debt, the way Bally's still does, but they've found another way to try to keep picking your pocket.

I told the smart alec that I was moving to Utah and LA Fitness doesn't have any locations there. He smugly said that I still had to do things their way, through the mail and that they were going to go ahead and ding my credit card for that month's "dues". I had just replaced my card and had a different account number so I told him no, you won't be hitting it again. I'm canceling my membership NOW, and I'm doing it MY way not yours.

Well, starting about three days later, I've gotten at least a dozen collection calls from LA Fitness, asking me to give them another credit card account number so they could continue to bill me for my membership. I've told EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM that I canceled my membership, and told them of my experience with the snarky customer service agent. They tell me they'll quit calling me and the next day I get another call.

I've also told each caller that if they didn't quit calling me I'd file a consumer complaint with every online forum I could find. They called me again this morning, so I'm filing this complaint. DO NOT JOIN LA FITNESS. They'll make it super easy for you to give them your money and "get in", but they'll make YOU jump through hoops to "get out".

Very BAD corporate policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Its to prevent someone from cancelling your membership for you. You are ignorant and quick to anger, however did YOU read the fine print or sign it?


I'm having a similar issue with LA fitness. Got a family membership in September sent in cancellation letter recieved a confirmation letter that i would no longer be billed they billed me in October and again in November .

I called the LA fitness center that i signed up at they tell me because they didn't recieve a cancellation from one person that was on the family membership that i was still being charged if i'm the primary account holder as long as you guys have my cancellation u shouldn't be able to charge a card that i had on file. The rep got upset and hung up on me