My wife wanted to work with a personal trainer so she signed up for 2 sessions a week at a cost of $360 a month. She is highly intelligent (an MD) but is so honest and sincere that she is an easy mark for a salesperson with the instincts to close a deal.

For this reason I usually can talk her into bringing things home for me to review before she signs. Anyway she signed this ridiculously one sided contract that locks the customer in for a year with a buyout of clause of the equivalent of 6 months of fees in return for ....... I am still looking for where the customer gets something that makes this deal better than a month to month deal. Anyway she is injured now but because she is not permanently disabled they want to continue to charge us these fees.

I am normally a strong proponent of you make a deal you stick with it but because this is so one sided we will be cancelling the credit card that is attached to this contract and let them do their 90 days of harassing phone calls. I find it interesting that their own employees suggest this as the best way to get out of these contracts.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Have you had any luck with this being permanently cancelled? I am currently going through the same exact thing.


This just happened to me also at the Delray Beach location. Thank you for this review and i am going to do the same.

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