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:( All those at LA Fitness are like cheap car salesmen! They do their best to trick the innocent who are trying to better themselves.

I think it is pittiful to have to stoop so low. I am locked into a training membership after I repeatedly questioned that I could cancel at any time with no problems before signing. They said no, then a day later somneone called to confirm the contract and said I would have to buy myself out of the contract for $600.00. What a @#$%* great deal!

We also confirmed that we could cancel our overall membership at anytime. So why would I join a gym that I could walk away from my membership at anytime but get locked into the training program for a year?? Total Scam.

Do not sign up for anything with them! Look for other options!

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I guess you really must read the fine print before you sign their contract. I would back out of paying them.

Just quit, change your credit card, then let them try and chase the money. Let them take you to small claims court if they have the time to waste.

Miss Elvira

Just tagging along with what you said. The same sort of thing happened to my sister and everyone I know talks bad about them.

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