Boynton Beach, Florida

Women wearing pretty much bras and flipping their tops of workout bottoms down past their navels or no bras at all it's disgusting no dress code enforced their!I'm embarrassed !My fiancé left because one of the repeat offenders kept coming in front of him

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You just salty, more sweating less complaining


I am sure a man cannot go topless at the center, which defeats much the purpose of the idea of becoming fit, for I would want to show off my physique, for I earned it, which is why I will NEVER join these fake and trendy outfits.


i hear your unhappiness about your lack of self control

self control - who does that ? the manager ?

what does athletic look like?

you hate them don't you, you are jealous , envious and want them to feel your pain , don't you.

are you saying that your fiance is repelled by athletic but attracted to fat weeping self haters ?

you know you cannot beat them JOIN THEM


Is there a "member dress code" or is it at the discretion of the complainer?


Who cares! Focus on your own workout, it is only distracting if you let it distract you.

People can wear whatever makes them comfortable when they are working out.

People like this just seem petty and jealous. Focus on yourself and you will become much happier.