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This morning when I came to La Fitness at 4:30 AM I found this place beyond belief. Here's the list of items La Fitness opened for business with no regards to the members who work out at this hour.

No paper towels in locker rooms or upstairs area, no toilet paper in most of the stalls in mens locker room, sauna not working, hot tub below water levels, lights in work out area again,(since daylight saving times no body knows how to rest timers) no soap in showers or most of the sink areas. One of your members who has complained several times about the poor operations conditions went in to use the toilet and took a *** and found no TP in the stall, so he went to the next and found none. Do we need to expect to check before you dump? Or bring our own; put yourself in his place how would you feel?

To top it all of a toilet that has ran over and left for the morning people to deal with. These are health standards that are to be meet and maintained opened to the public. I asked the maintenance person about why there isn't any soap or towels and toilet paper. They are telling me that the manager won't buy enough to make it through the week. I've heard this BS of members stealing it and so on but the bottom line is you're out of service and this isn't acceptable practices.

I just talked to Armen about the reasons for the not having the pool operating and other things going on with this location. But I have a hard time believing that this place is so *** up! I've been pushed far enough along with the rest of the members who use this place in the mornings so I'm turning this over to the local TV stations to draw attention to this problem. They have a segment for problems just like this that are on going.

All we are asking for is what our monthly dues are paying for clean place to work out, soap, paper towels, TP and the place to operate with a healthy environment. Not this place we see daily now. What is it going to take to get this taken care of? You need to be in there at 4:30 AM and see these conditions your self first hand.

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