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Dysfunctional LA FITNESS Gresham, Oregon!! AGAIN and AGAIN

It's an on going problem at this gym. It seems so easy to be able to open the doors at the posted time daily but for some reason out of the members control it isn't. Maybe it's the people they hire to perform this menial task. Or more like it just doesn't matter to the FRANCHISE of

La Fitness!

Personally if it was my job to be at my work on time that would be my main priority. If the management of La Fitness doesn't get there act together myself and others should start sending in there monthly payment for being locked out a few days late. Let them see how it feels to be wondering if the checks are going to come in.

La Fitness is a *** pour sign of the times. Most companies provide a service to keep people coming back. Will La Fitness have just about ran out of rope to hang themselves with.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Just a note for those who want to join LA Fitness - I was an Employee and although I loved my clients the management was horrible. I have resigned from the company due to the management.

Just a fact to those who join - LA Fitness pays below minimum wage and treats its employees like ***. So, the employee is just throwing *** back in their employees face and your just caught in the middle.

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