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This particular event happened at the Niles LA fitness location. This employee removed his mask while talking to what seems like his "buddy" of which proceeded to also remove his mask to talk to the said employee.

They talked without masks for a good 7 mins while people around them are working out. No only was this action DISRESPECTFUL, it's also IRONIC that your employee should be practicing AND being a role model to wear masks. Not only that, he didn't care that this member wast wearing a mask? What the *** is LA fitness' problem?

Your automatic PA advertisement of "attention members and STAFF.. to practice safe and healthy....." Is VERY ironic. ONE slip up can cause risks to other people. Are you guys really risking this event for your gyms to stay open?

That's up to you guys' discretion because every single slip up adds up. Also, still lots of twiddling thumbs from the employees when they can actively walk around and help clean AND keep people accountable.

Preferred solution: Reprimand employee and let it be an example for ALL staff.

Location: 3220 West Touhy Avenue, Skokie, IL 60076.0

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