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So I am on a month to month membership. When they switched over to it from my original yearly membership the gym was owned by Bally's.

I specifically asked the lady at the desk if there were any additional fees, cancellation fees or anything else I should know about by now entering this new month to month membership. The answer was NO. They made me sign a digital signature and never provided me with any additional paperwork. Now, I'm being hit with a yearly "enhancement fee" of $29.

When I ask them why I have this fee since I'm month to month, they are saying that is what my deal is. I NEVER agreed to that and was explicitly told otherwise when I signed up. They are saying since I signed a contract (which not EVEN THEY can produce), I have to pay it and "everyone pays it". They gave me the option to cancel my membership and get the money back and sign up for a new membership at double the price.

Yeah idiots, that makes sense. This club is now owned by LA Fitness but they are not helping at all. Just a warning - LA Fitness and Bally's will rip you off.

I told them I'd send them a bill for my "loyalty fee".

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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I tried to call LA Fitness about the issue and they said that because it was under 24 Hour Fitness's contract (my old gym) that they had to uphold the charge. They suggested I take it up with 24 Hour.

So, I did and they said that because LA Fitness is the one that charged me there's nothing THEY can do about it. Fun fact, only 24 Hour Fitness can charge me this according to the contract.

***'s illegal. How convenient that neither company can deal with the issue.


so far this month they have taken out my enhancement fee also of 25.00 that i was never told about also 3 other payments of 21.29 all within 30 days i feel sick right now!I tried to switch my bally membership over to la fitness but they told me i only had 90 days to do it and they said sorry it had been 92 days and they couldnt do it. LA bought ballys and lifestyles and looks like they are trying to take advantage of alot of people and i smell a class action suit comming up in their future.