Moreno Valley, California

i left LA Fitness early last year, and received today a notice of settlement for a class action suit for the company's failure to pay former employees what they were due in a timely manner. of course the company denies liability, but there is going to be a half million dollar hole in their wallet when this thing is over.

it's a small victory, and the money for each class member is not much more than the cost of lunch, but it should put a stop to one more of the company's illegal business practices. and to those folks who have commented about the company hiring people with criminal past...not only is it true, but there was a murder in long beach several years ago committed by - you guessed it - an LA Fitness trainer.

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I'm afraid that all of these commenters are telling you the truth. In late 2012, LA Fitness acquired 171 former Bally Total Fitness locations in THE largest corporate buyout in the history of the fitness industry.

At the time I was working as a personal training director with Bally. I loved my job, was very successful with what I did, & found the work very gratifying. When I heard of the buyout of course my initial reaction was to be worried. It was going to be a big change of things.

However, I didn't really know much about LA fitness other than they appeared to have nice facilities & must be doing something right to be able to afford such a huge move as to buy out Bally almost entirely. The reality of what we as employees were facing began to become more clear when the week the buyout was suppose to be finalized; LA fit employees began entering Bally gyms only so they could ridicule & mock those who would be losing their jobs within the next few Days. Those of us who were in Management positions were promised a 90 day probation period, where we would earn a "guaranteed wage" matching our current pay rate as we "adjusted" to the new system. These were all empty promisses.

We as Bally employees were used mainly as the acceptably expendable. One by one I saw my friends forced out of their positions by either be given ridiculous workloads till they failed or were forced out. I somehow survived the transition & continued working with LAF for another 3 years. During that time I was treated worse than I had ever seen employees treated at any place of business treated.

I witness consumer violations daily, employmee rights were unheard of.

I was honestly astonished to find that a business like LAF somehow existed like this. But I'm afraid that all that you read here is true.


My comment is in regards to L.A Fitness hiring people with criminal histories portion of this. I work for the company and I have a record (very violent at that) I did my time and have moved on with my life and while this company really is *** and coniving as all *** they actually gave me a shot to actually get my life going.

Now I'm building my own personal training and MMA training business. So for the bufoons that have a problem with company's hiring people with records I just wish I could be present when you become a victim of your own ignorance.


Good for you! I believe people who have paid their dues to society deserve a second chance.


I am shocked at how they treat their employees. it is amazing that BOLI doesn't investigate them.

They set unrealistic goals, use degrading techniques to manage staff. Cruel people. I wonder if they have heard of fair labor standards. They retaliate if employees complain or ask for help.

It is really amazing that they get away with it. The club itself is ok. But it is clear that staff are temporary. Offices walls and desks are bare with over worked abused staff sitting at their desks struggling to meet unrealistic expectations while realizing that they are not going to get anything but minimum wage.

Kinda of depressing to observe. It is no wonder the staff turn on each other.

They have created a dog eat dog atmosphere. Above all don't settle in and get committed because the future is bleak.


La fitness is the most corruptible company I've ever worked for. They do not care for the employees or members.

It's all about the money. They will exasperate and pressure their staff until the employee is sucked out of blood then they get rid of you and a new person will now undergo what you went through!!! They take you, burn you out, suck the blood out of you and then you end up quitting or you get transferred until you quit. Obviously they don't want to pay unemployment.

They pay the trainers an hourly if they Train 2 per hour to receive $12, however the company allows trainers to be abused my PTDirector who has you train 2 ppl in 25 min for the pay of $6.00. Not even minimum wage. You also are not paid to schedule member for future training. We don't get paid when use their computer to help members be scheduled or provide training info....

La fitness does not provide a break room or a microwave or refrigerator for employees to sit and eat!!!! I can go on & on of horror stories but it really doesn't matter bc they are a large corporation and no one is listening!!!

Good luck & God Bless. Sorry for all your bad experiences with this company


Yes happens all the time will have to schedule clients at computer while not getting paid for it. In between sessions 25 minute you have a gap director will call you over to discuss client list and who to call while you are not geting paid for me.

Clients will want to schedule without app text u at home to schedule which you can only do from work computer so you have to go online on your own time look at schedule text director at work to schedule that client. All work done for company not paid . Dont provide break room or a place to keep your belongings. Falsely advertise 15 hour minimum wage is 12 in ca howver they schedule you in gaps so you will work 7-730 with client 730 -8 will be not scheudled so you get paid 7.50 they still make you work on your non scheduled time calling you over to discuss clients or your client list while not paying you even minimum wage becAuse you still worked that hour.

They used to make you do client list on an outdated slow computer sometimes it would take me 3 hours i was there ti closing often to get it done you were only allowed to clock in for hour worked.

It would never only be an hour never once. I defintely dont recommend working here as a trainer.


Also suppose to get paid 8 and 23 you never know when your getting paid 26th the 9th its never on time and causes a lot of bank overdrafts because of it. I will have my bills to take day after payday but la fitnes is always late with their checks


LA is the scammingest company i have ever seen, they try to sell you a really expensive "membership" and if you dont want it then they try to sell you the cheapest because they need your credit card so they can do auto pay, but a lot of people forget and when they cancel, they still get charged, i have even talked to people that have been paying a membrshit for a long time and dont even go to the gym, now times that by the number of people who fall into this segment and we are talking thousands if not millions per month, thats why they are opening gyms everywhere and buying other ones, this is just a bunch of "investors" or millionaires who have the $ to do these deals to make more money because they want more power


My daughter works at L.A Fitness, she has been there over a year. She works on her days off, and on holidays.

There is a young lady that works at L.A Fitness that my daughter has to report ti, her name is Kayla Knott.

This young lady harassed my daughter and puts her down so much that my daughter feels sick about going to work. Does anyone how and who to contact about this?


I currently work at LA Fitness and let me tell you they all lie they will sell you their soul for a buck the only reason I'm there is to try to support my family but I will not lie to customers and I always try to give the best deals they have children running that place and they consistently pressure me to lie I have documented and even recorded the lies the general managers tell me


Their HR is a joke! Tell her to switch to a better gym like 24 HR fitness!


I have been a part of this equisition that took place on December 1st. The 1st of December every single Bally Employee was forced to sign 22 signatures on a electronic signature key pad. None of us recieve any copies of the signed documents and were asked to get to our respective locations Asap to do the re-hire paper work to still be employeed at LA-Fitness.

I was one of those employees , fast forward 2 months from the smallest position 1 by 1 these employees are being fired or layoff. The company clearly used these employees to run their Bally gyms while LA Fitness started bringing their own people to promote in to Bally Clubs.

Single moms, young sons helping their families, young parents, expected parents who became victim of capitalism !

Lets talk about senior managers who were Bally employees, 7 to 15 years worth of experience and I am one of them.

I was used for 2 months to hit their budgets and run the gym , untill the chain of command from lowest to top started to get booted off. Even their own Managers are doing horrible at LA Fitness gym , they get to keep their jobs but the Bally Guys are getting demoted only to be replaced by their own people. Out of all the Bally Managers that i personally know 7 of them are young adults who have just bought houses , or just had kids and were starting their married lives.

We worked 11 hours a day to hit these riduculous goals, to hit our budgets to keep our jobs. Keep in mind that goals set for Bally Gyms were way higher than LA Fitness gyms which were already established and had every tool necessary to hit those goals.

None of accuired Bally location were provided with any necessary tools. We were told to work over time if necessary to keep out positions.

But all the promises were false and un-true.

Working for this company was like working for DEVIL.

I hope this company gets destroyed by Law Suits.


Wow, I thought I was alone in all this! I worked for LA Fitness as a single young mother and I worked there for a month before I started bugging my manager for my check.

He kept giving me excuses. Finally after 2 months unable to take care of my son but working EVERY day, I told him that I quit and I wanted the money that was owed to me. I found out that the three months I worked there I was never even on the books!!!! Then when I continued to ask about my money, he said that since I quit he could take his time.

I ended up having to move to AZ so that my family could help me get back on my feet. LA FITNESS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!!

@Former Fountain Velley Employe

I was told to handle it that way from my superiors. My apologies to you and your family!

@Former Fountain Velley Employe

I believe it is the law that they must pay you in a certain time period.


They're crooks. I worked at the LA Fitness in la mirada and all the sales staff had done time and we're all on coke everyday at work.


I hear ya. I'm on a personal mission to destroy la fitness.

dishonest and unethical company. total pieces of ***