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'I write to you as a former employee who has indeed been victimized, not only by being let go for numerous non legitimate reasons but also by being continuously harassed by a sales manager who eventually threatened my job, in which case I was terminated three days later.' *insert of letter to HR I wrote* As mentioned in other complaints, HR does not do much when it comes to this kind of thing however if enough complaints are made then maybe we can make a change.

Robert Smith (MN LA Fitness) threatened my job and later I was terminated for ridiculous reasons after having several problems with him (I was told I was not the first too and that My OM has had several problems as well with him since she first started there.)

An incident occurred where a telephone inquiry's number was not working. Due to limited sales people (which happened a lot being that our sales employees would leave all the time making potential members wait and operations take the blame) I had to write down and enter a telephone inquiry and let them know a sale member would call them back as soon as possible, hopefully within the next ten minutes. Apparently the number that I had written down and put in the system was not in service. I was messaged via computer by the sales manager and told this. I apologized and let him know it was the number the member gave me, that I wrote down and which he had called form. Next the sales manager calls the front desk phone and talks to my OM, she relayed the message and I showed her his typed message and that I had indeed written down the t.i's information. Furthermore he calls upfront to talk to me and let me know and pretty much made it clear that I had made a mistake even though I wrote it down. …..

(DON'T even get me started on the issue of taking potential members by the hand and sitting them down and babysitting them, it was (SORRY I don't work in kids klub, NOT MY JOB!).... about how some lady refused to sit down and saw her mother in law feet away and went to go talk to her, even though I tried to stop her and offered, suggested and told her to have a seat while the sales person came to speak with her. MAYBE he should of just hurried the *** up instead of taking his sweet time staring at his screen, watching me do my job as he would say "˜incorrectly' and scratching his who knows what because he has nothing better to do. )

Next thing I know my OM is on the phone and very upset. It came to my attention that it was Dave or his boss calling since someone had clearly called in or sent in a text complaining. She let me know it was about me and next thing I know she is talking about how much I work, and the hours and clear ups I get. How I've had several problems with Robert and he threatened my job and that I am doing good working up front, etc. etc. The end of the day comes and my OM tells me she needs to talk to me at which time she proceeds to fire me. Apparently Dave and "˜secret shoppers' had been observing me in my first ninety days and there were several issues.

-not looking up and acknowledging every customer. wow! really? I offered to have my OM let Robert sit up front or stand near by and watch that yes I am smiling and mouthing thank you when they scan in if I am on the phone! I want to see them do that job, its already a fact that men don't multi task as well as women but I would LOVE to see them answer a phone while another one rings, with another call coming in on my same line, while trying to enter two people into the system for sales so they can get a membership and making sure they sit down, while trying to explain corporate policy on bills, canceling etc., while making sure that every member who scans their barcode is getting scanned in...cause after all we all know that most members blame us for not checking with us that they are checked in and are angry they aren't at their needed number of times for insurance reimbursement.

I was told I was too aggressive once during a clear up while I was getting terminated yet also that I was not getting enough clear ups for the number of hours I is that possible? Contradiction!!! I had 10 in one day while other employees would not even have 10 in a month. (and yes to a certain individual sales person: I did make more than you that day….I am honest and helpful and kind and legit about doing my job and not hiding things and not harassing others, so get off me already!) I never was mean to anyone on the phone...I let customers swear and scream and blame me for their declined cars because I work and represent this company.

My resume states all my previous sales jobs, I've had nasty customers before, numerous occasions for getting blamed for things and rude customers trying to file complaints because I was following policy and not what they wanted me to do…. It's nothing new, I am good at customer service and trying to work with people, so f*ing sue me!

-yet my favorite part of being fired is that there was no legit reason, it was a multitude of tiny issues which all lay out to a certain someone being close with another certain someone who threatened my job and did not want me there because I REFUSED to put up with his immature and power acting harassment. I was hard worker, 6 days a week, making the club lots of money (which yes is one of their goals)....too bad you believe those who lie, falsely accusing others and cant see the real issues going on and how some people who really are honest are trying to make an honest living by doing the right thing.


a concerned, and upset former employee


I did love this job while it lasted, and looked forward to learning OM's role in hopes of someday doing the job.... too bad that will never happen, I've moved on!

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Do not work with the Chinese you get paid like rats like what they eat not to be offensive but this is what some companies do to other people and I don't like to work in a place where other sales men lie about la fitness product... worked for 1 week and I left that *** job..


Contact me- fusionxpnut at gmail lets bring LA fitness down, that company is full of fraud


It is a shame that this company treats their employees so badly. I know of several Group Fitness Instructors who have been working for the company for nearly a decade, and they are still being paid the same rate that they were hired at.

What is worse, is that the company's starting pay is now higher than the rate that their faithful employees have been at. For example, new instructors are being paid a starting wage of $20/hr, while people who have been there for 10 years are making $18/hr.

This is one of the main reasons I left that gym.


I was just terminated from LA Fitness in the sales department the two managers Curtis John and the other liar antonio were the two biggest creeps I've ever met my life. antonio with sexually harass women even though he's married and has kids and Curtis would just lie about anything and had no idea how to be a leader probably why they have the highest turnover ratio in the world all you do is work long hours..

they give the handouts to the same exact peopleby giving them all the telephone enquiries and all the walk inns....

they tell their employees to lie and to rip people off. they get upset if you give somebody a membership that the person can afford yet they don't hear any the circumstance and they never bother to help or train anyone all the managers do is play on their phones and watch pornlike I caught Curtis doing twicethe managers are also rude to customers and don't even like to help disabled people I clearly found this company ran by a bunch of *** offs devil children whoever is making these people general managers is got to be out of their mind because trust me that way Fitness on Arlington it's going to be in huge huge huge problems by the way its ran


WOW! did you take it up with HR?

I mean It took a while for them to get back to me when it happened and I couldn't pursue it much more than let them know and tell them to investigate the issue, but at least they knew about it. I wanted to file harassment charges but didn't seem to go that way. I figure the least people can do is make it known/public and maybe someday it will accumulate into something more. Honestly if I got complaints more than a few times about issues like your's and mine if I was working in HR, pretty sure I'd do more than just talk to the person..

I'd probably go in an 'secret shop'. Its 2013, and yet because cetain people have 'titles' at their jobs, they think they can do as they please, but that is not ok. They need to seriously adapt a 'NO means NO' harassment policy...I worked at Macy's once and it was AWESOME to know that the minute I felt uncomfortable with another coworker or supervisor I could go directly to HR office and talk to someone face to face. That's how all corpations should be.

Good luck if you pursue your issue further.

I definitely encourage you to at least let HR know. It tought to find info on them but after digging a while, I wrote them A LONG email and they finally called me.

Good luck!


they hire PINOKIOS big maginboo pinokios I hate liars I have worked and had that same problem.


I just got terminated too. Difference is that my OM told ms how to get clear ups by putting in prepaid Credit cards.

So I did. The district OM called me and terminated me while this had never happened before. I'm trying to reach the OM that I have proof of I was told to do it.

He's not replying me back. Any suggestions?


You may be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Based upon your complaint, you may also have a basis for employment retaliation and harassment charge.

Pursue this matter to the fullest degree.