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La Fitness whats up with your billing dept. I signed up on certain guidelines, must take billing out on the 17th each month.

however you just over drawn my acct. -$200.00 not incl. bank charges of $200.00 because you didn't do what we agreed to 5 different hits on the 12th at $25.00 ea hit in overdraft fees 1 1/2 mo ago I cancelled the you say i need to fill out a form the 10-15 people in your dept could have said something earlier instead of "its cancelled!" Such an awesome facility in valencia and helpfull staff thats all great but billing needs revamping- you lost this customer with 5 family members (thats 150.00 per mo. of revenue!) thats bad business!!!!

on a technicality I would of come back but nothing has ever come true billing wise ok its 29.99 per member per mo.

then why does my acct show 27.99,34.99 29.99 74.99 how do we as customers keep track of that? Fix this problem corprate or lose everything what a shame!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

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My credit card was lost or stolen and it happened to be the one with la fitness on it. I did not relize it until my account became overdue and i recieved (no Lie) 21 calls in a matted of 30 minutes while i was talking on the phone to get it stright with the billing department i was still recieving calls from them.

I will never sign up for la fitness again. once my membership is through so am i.


I think we need to unite and get an attorney. A lot of Bally transplants have been done wrong in this transfer in the Portland, OR area.

@Lisa K

I agree. This is class action stuff.

They need to be dealt with in the most harsh way by a group of bull dog attorneys. Count me in.


I agree 100%

I canceled my membership with all their guidelines, sent the letter before my next billing on July 1. They sent me a cancellation letter July 7, since they sent the cancellation letter back on the 7 they are charging one extra month. RIPOFF!

They really don't care to keep you, as a customer, BAD BUSINESS.



Did the same but worse. I sent in cancelation notice in may.

They denied they go it. I then sent it to the same address and cc'd the States Attorneys general. They got that one.

They sent me a cancellation confirmation and then billed me three months on my credit card. CROOKS is all they are.

Don't join, just don't do it.