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After having my service animal hit by the LAFitness staff and being told I was not wanted or allowed in the Delray Beach LAFitness with a service animal, I went to my normal LAFitness in Boynton Beach but the normal staff was not there. The new staff, I have never seen before, told me that a family of 7 cancelled there membership because I filled my Service Animals water bowl in the drinking fountain.

He told me to take her to the men's room to get water or leave the facility. I then went to the (other?) manager and he said 4 people, then he changed that to one person had a complaint. Are these new managers? or are these people affiliated with the manager of the Delray LAFitness?

I do not understand why I am being treated like an outcast by LAFitness managers who I have never seen before, when the managers who know me and my service animal treat me with the same respect that everyone deserves? I need something in writing from you if you will address this issue prior to my next steps. The managers Jason and Jaime, and all of the normal staff at the Boynton Beach LAFitness have taken the time to introduce themselves and discuss the necessities of having a service animal in the gym. Everyone else displays ignorance and disrespect towards myself and my service animal.

Do you train your managers or hire them based on some skill? Please let me know as soon as possible so I can decide if you are the gym for handicapped people or if they are not accepted at your facilities.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

La Fitness Cons: Handicapped not allowed, Management not properly trained, Service animals not allowed, Disrespected.

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LaFitness Trumbull CT after 2 years of membership with my medical alert service dog told me we are not welcome because another member reported to manager I abuse my dog. There was no investigation or review.

LaFithess does not welcome service animals.

One member doesn't like dogs so action was taken. And I'm not being given the opportunity to meet the accuser.


I deal with this type of stuff all the time. I run a YouTube channel about it.

Please come look me up. I could use people that know what it's like to be discriminated against and I have LA Fitness specifically It's Docta Canis


What ended up happening?


Q3. Are emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals considered service animals under the ADA?


No. These terms are used to describe animals that provide comfort just by being with a person. Because they have not been trained to perform a specific job or task, they do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.

However, some State or local governments have laws that allow people to take emotional support animals into public places. You may check with your State and local government agencies to find out about these laws.


Having a service animal in a gym is disgustingly filthy and the idea that someone would bring an animal into a gym environment is repulsive. What is the service animal function?


not...."Anxiety" ***..."Companion" ***. This paid for service animal scam is all BS...Take your animal to the park, exercise there...But don't bring animals into gyms or restaurants...Thankyou!


First of all, anonymous you left your balls in the locker room. Second, you should come to my LA Fitness in Hollywood.

Humans going to this clubs are dirtier and filthier than any pet I’ve ever had. We found *** on the walls, hair, bandaids, ***, and other unidentified bodily fluids in the showers.

WE EVEN HAVE HOMELESS PEOPLE COMING IN TO CLEAN UP AND SHOWER. I don’t think a dog would be the issue out there but all the broke *** disgusting *** coming there because it’s a 30 DOLLAR GYM.


Coming from someone who is highly allergic to animals with fur, I feel compelled to provide my point of view. If I simply touch things that have been unintentionally contaminated with animal fur, my throat swells up.

While I do use wipes, it never crossed my mind to wipe the water fountain. While I respect your need for a guide dog, please understand that not all people can be around dogs, and certainly, letting them use the water fountain could be deleterious to their immediate health.


I'm allergic to *** Your comment makes me itchy.


Me too, I can’t breathe anymore even though I wipe her nasty face off.


I work with an organization for disabled adults and realize the key role service dogs can provide; however, that doesn't mean that there can be no regard for others. Some people dislike dogs and find it gross that a dog bowl was filled in a drinking fountain meant for humans. Easy fix--bring your own water.


Given the options of other LA locations or YouFit, the Delray Beach location is by far the best. The issue here is not about discrimination it is about hygiene, which should be given the utmost attention at any gym.

This may not be the gym for you, it is for young guys who ego lift, girls that just found out about squats, and old guys who have been taking too much trt. But, this is why I like the place.


I love animals and volunteer at a dog rescue. I have 5 dogs myself.

Service animals don't belong in gyms.

If you need your service animal to be with you constantly, find some other form of exercise, like a run or walk on the beach. And let me guess, your service animal is not for some physical condition but a mental one...


Sorry for your nightmare. Keep in mind that you are not alone.

This morning I had my fair share with the manager Denise. She is a big fat racist and a liar. I went to the gym as usual she stopped me from going stating my account does not have a picture and I did not have my Drivers license with me. My question to her was, why nobody ever stop me before except her she got mad after finally verify my informations she still denied me entry and asked me to leave the premise cause I am trying to fraudulently enter the club.

So I asked for the corporate office number she gave me the number.

To cover her *** because she know she was wrong for denying me entry she told her corporate through the notes she creates on my account that she saw me texting in my phone trying to get fake info to enter the club. Now my plan is to build awareness to the minority members of the club if you notice or been a victim discrimination from that club plz give me a call 5615030661.


What do you need your service animal for? Are you blind?

Deaf? Or is it one of these so called support animals? I'm sorry i don't want a animal where i work out.

Sit on the floor to stretch and know and animal way laying there. If you need a support animal in the gym something is wrong with you, you should seek some professional help.


How dare you! Why is it any of your business why they need a service animal?

All you need to know is that he/she has a disability and requires constant assistance and still has the dedication to try to stay in shape. Who cares that you don't want to rub your six pack where an assistance animal has been? What makes you so much better than everyone else where you feel entitled to decide who can come to the gym and who can't? The service dog probably doesn't want to lie in your filthy sweat you disgusting hood rat.

You sound like a foolish "Jersey Shore" wannabe. Young people are so disrespectful these days! You're even disrespectful to people with disabilities! Have you no filter on the *** that comes out your mouth?

People like you infuriate me! You think you're tough ***, but an *** kicking will fix that *** attitude of yours.


Your ignorance is shown in your last sentence: "If you need a support animal in the gym SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU,..."

GUESS WHAT? I DO have something wrong with me, and I DID seek professional help (MD) and NOW I HAVE A SERVICE DOG WHO GOES WITH ME EVERYWHERE!!!

To say you are an ignorant A.Hole would be just stating the obvious.

Service Animals are more medical/psychological issues than blindness or deafness.

They can predict many medical issues prior to problem becoming life threatening. Think about people with diabetes. These animals can detect a low/high blood sugar before the human is even aware of it. That is only one example of the many services a Service Animal provides.

I have a Service Dog, and he has been in the public with me for almost 3 years now.

He helps me live a more "normal" life than I would have without him. Being housebound for almost 2 years was no way to "live life" to the fullest.


I will be canceling my membership.....It is a disgrace that LA Fitness discriminates against the disabled and Service Animals....A Federal Law Violation! Shame on LA Fitness!

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