9244 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Houston, Texas 77064, United States
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I hereby want to complain about this organization which is called LA FITNESS

I am so tired and frustrated talking to these people.

The Vice President of the personal training program is Kevin Brown with whom I have signed up the training programs at 9244 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, TX 77064.

He was at this location when I went in and later cannot reach him at that location since he was covering the shift at that location for some one else who took day off that day.

He has given me an offer of trial period for first three months. He has given me his contact number in case I have any issues with cancelling the membership anytime within the three months and promised to put a note on the account which he did not. I have been trying to cancel this membership from a month. I have tried to call the people at location on 6th of October which was Saturday and happened to talk to Steve and he was saying that he cannot help me and asked me to call back on weekday to talk to administrator who deals with billing and he also mentioned that Monday will be holiday as it is Columbus day and asked me to call on Tuesday.

However I was bit suspicious about this and called the office again on Monday. To my surprise, it was opened and I realized that he LIED to me. I happened to talk to administrator(forgot his name). He in turn was asking me to call Steven back and he can't help it. They cannot see any note of 3 month trial period. I was annoyed and asked him to connect to Kevin. He said he cannot do anything and asked me to call him directly if I have his phone number.

I happened to call Kevin to discuss what's going on.

I called him like 5 times on a single day and left him a text message when he did not answer my call.

But I kept calling later days as well.

After a lot of struggle, I got hold of him and he finally answered it AFTER A WEEK.

He said he remember me but said he cannot help me. I was even more annoyed because he promised me to help me if I face any problem cancelling it.

On OCT 22, 2018 - he has given my contact number to some one else Lamar Washington and said he would help me.

He said LAMAR would call me.

This is so annoying and frustrating. How can a person promise that he will put a note on it and do not. How can a person promise that he would help me and do not.

Finally LAMAR WASHINGTON called me. He said Kevin did not tell him what exactly the matter was. And then I have to tell the whole story from the beginning and he says that he cannot see any note on the account. He also said that if I have to cancel it, I have to pay 50 percent.


I feel like this is all the drama that this organization is playing to keep me in the contract.

This is being unfaithful and disloyal to the customers.

Disappointed with the words of LAMAR WASHINGTON. I tried calling KEVIN for like 3-4 times.

He keeps disconnecting my call and do not even answer my text messages.

I attach the screenshots of the conversation with KEVIN BROWN.

This organization has to be banned as it literally troubles and sucks the blood of the customers.

Seriously, I am so frustrated with this. I want to get my whole back.

I paid like 1000 $ for just 3 sessions.

What kind of ORGANIZATION is this?

Refer to text conversations




Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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