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I wanted to take some time educate all concerned consumers that have been taken advantage of by LA Fitness; specifically by getting over billed and not being able to cancel your account. First, please go to the following link for a riveting look into how LA Fitness runs their "business" (http://la-fitness.pissedconsumer.com/la-fitness-3a-the-cold-facts-of-business-201204****0947.html). Now, there are certain dynamics of LAF that you must understand in order to be successful in reaching your goal of severing all ties with this company. First, LAF and the people they keep are very pushy, arrogant and very dishonest (with the exception of few). The communication culture within the company is two-sided. I have had the opportunity to meet the owners of the company, and I can say that this behavior originates and is enforced by them, their VP's and DOM's.

Keeping this in mind; when you present your issue, you must be calm and level headed; almost childlike. Remember they have your financial and contact information on file. If the person you are speaking to feels slighted in anyway, they can (and will) ruin your account by excessively overcharging you, refusing to cancel your account, and by having pt employees call you daily (including weekends and holidays), threatening you to collect more payments. ONLY speak with the Operations Manager. They have all the power in the club (despite all the titles that are thrown around) and the ability to cancel your gym membership on the spot.


Approach the OM in person and let them know you would like to cancel your account. They will try to spin you into keeping it. Remain firm. Once your account is cancelled, GET A RECEIPT. You need this proof on file should you have to take legal action. An email should also be sent to you as well. If you have cancelled in the past and LAF is still billing you, have the OM verify your last check-in date and ask for a retroactive refund per that date. You may want to call ahead and ask for that date in advance, in case the OM tries to lie to you about the date.


If you've made the unfortunate mistake of buying their Personal Training packages, I am sorry. However, getting out of your contract is quite difficult...but not impossible. You will need to leverage the OM to act as a liaison between you and the districts VP; who only has the ability to cancel your PT contract. You will also want to put in some leg work of your own because the VP's and OM's drag their feet with this kind of membership. Call ahead and passively ask for the VP's first and last name. You will never get their email, but with a first/last name you'll essentially have it. If the VP's name is "John Smith", then his email will either be "jsmith@***.com" or "John.Smith@***.com". I recommend you write an email demanding cancellation to both of these possibles. One will get through, guaranteed. Ask for a reply to identify the real email. Keep sending emails and following up with the OM until a resolution is reached. DON'T put too much time into speaking with the Personal Training Director (PTD) or the Membership Marketing Director (MMD aka GM). They will never help. This is their commission we are talking about here. Go over their heads and straight to the OM.

Now, because you are a sane citizen and have approached this cancellation process in an adult fashion, it doesn't mean that LAF will reciprocate this in a sane or rational manner. This is where you will have to fight fire with fire. If you fail to reach a timely resolution for the cancellation of your PT or Gym membership, there are a number of things you can and should do.





LA Fitness Intl. , like most other companies, are concerned with their image. Because of this, they have their people in California monitoring ALL of the entities mentioned above. As soon as they catch wind of your problem through any of these venues, they will be very quick to take care of it. I cannot emphasize this enough. The media is powerful and you should use it. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a smart consumer exercise their right to freedom of speech; and the ensuing reaction from LA Fitness. Its remarkable, really.

Even still, if you are not satisfied with their resolution and have reached your wits end, do the following: 1. Simply call a local club and request to change your credit card number on file, your demographic information (i.e. phone, address, email etc..).

2. You will want to place a cancelled cc, pre-paid cc or old bank account number on file to replace your real one. Their entire system, including the EFT portion was created by the owners and is designed to take any cc or bank account number without first screening to see if its valid. All LAF wants is your money, and they don't care where its coming from; or even if the account exists!

3. Make up some demographic information and give it to them to replace your real one; especially your phone number.

If you have done this, you'll have successfully cancelled LA Fitness Intl. out of your life forever! NEVER worry about any past balances coming back to haunt you. I SWEAR to you, even if you owe them $10,000, they will never come knocking down your door. I'll tell you why. Remember when you first signed up? all they asked for was your DL, Phone # and of course you cc #. They Never asked for your SS# (nor should you give it). That's key.

The top 3 Credit Bureaus never take gyms and health clubs reports seriously. In fact, if you ever were to dispute their claims against you, the credit bureau will take it off your file immediately. In LAF's case, the part time employees are the collection agency and the credit bureau. They are treated like slaves and forced to call and threaten you to collect more payments. NEVER give someone over the phone your cc #! No matter what they say. they are calling to get your money, not to help. They get paid $5/cc# they get from you (OM's get paid $10/cc# they collect and $5/cc# off of their PT employees collections). If you do, you will be so sorry.

After 90 days your account is expunged from their system as a collectible prospect; what LAF calls a "Revoked/Deny Entry Status". Remember, ALL of LA Fitness' threats are empty. As the consumer, you hold the REAL POWER. Take control.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Location: Wilmette, Illinois

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I am going thru *** trying to cancel. What a horrible place if you want to leave!!!!


If you don't drive your car does that mean you don't pay insurance? I don't think so.

If you get into a phone contract or any contract at all can you leave without buying out? I don't think so. Just because it's a gym it doesn't make it any different. Don't be ignorant.

When you sign for PT YOU agree to a 1 year contract. If you don't want it anymore you must buy out of your term. This is made clear upon signing up. Also, our memberships are month to month.

We don't stick you in a contract. Just like how you pay your first and last month when you lease an apartment it works the same way. Just because you paid that in the beginning does not mean you get the option to use your last payment to cover what you owe because you want to cancel. Watch your billing date.

If you don't want the membership CANCEL IT BEFORE HAND. And the excuse of "well I don't use it" not the gyms issue. They have over 10k members they aren't watching your non usage.

I'm tired of the ignorance. read what you agree to before you sign and cancel before your billing date like you would with anything else.


Except when the rep DIDNT Tell me i had to buy it out and said i can cancel after 6 months with no penalty or dues - so ***


I work for this company. We have 0 way of over charging you, like that is legit impossible.

The payments come out automatically and if it declines the system tries again in 10 days. Also, once you give us your preauthorized banking info we can't ever look at it once it gets into the system. Also, cancelling is very easy. If YOU decide not to cancel before your billing date and your CC declines, of course we are required that payment before we can do anything.

Your account is in a bad status. Please don't listen to all the things you hear. Remember, YOU signed an agreement. Read it before you agree.

Also, do things before your billing date & you won't have any issues. Cancelling is also very simple and it is done in less than 5 minutes.


I had the WORST experience with trying to cancel personal training at this gym. For personal reasons and abrupt I could no longer put money toward it, and I called corporate to cancel it.

For one, there was a huge misunderstanding when I signed the contract, which I'm not even going to go into! But when I called trying to cancel, I was trying to give my complaints so they could have them on record and was completely stone walled. I didn't get a manager or anyone on the phone, just a woman who was clearly bitter about her job. I told her to cancel my account and discovered later that she hadn't.

When I called again and told them I couldn't pay because I was a service member for americorps and no longer had the money to even pay for what was due, she told I couldn't cancel or ANYTHING. I guess I was supposed to just sit with it, which is what I did. I finally called back because by some blessing I came into a little money, and wanted to finally get that darn thing payed. Turns out, my account payment had been revoked and I can't do anything!

The customer service rep I spoke to was very nice and told me it wasn't sent to collections or anything, that I just didn't have anything owed anymore. I requested he take a note on the account saying I tried to pay just in case.

SO CONFUSING. I can't BELIEVE that things I dealt with trying to cancel this!


THis is great! Thank you for taking time to write it out!


This whole organization is a money grabbing scam. I can believe they have been getting away with this kind of bad business for such a long time.


I had sent the cancellation request to LA fitness by mail. But still they charged my cc company the next month.

So I disputed the charge with the cc company. They asked me for some details and refunded the amount.

I never saw my cc charged by LA fitness again. Great relief.......


I tried the trick of entering an expired credit card, but two months later they put the old one back in and continued charging! I had to change my debit card in the end. What a hassle!


I had my CC put a *BLOCK* on them, so that they would not be able to charge us at all, ever. After telling them to cancel at least 2 months ago, they have been harassing me repeatedly on the phone, so I contacted my attorney.

They will be getting a letter. They claim to need "proof" that I am the legit account holder, and have to fill out a form an MAIL IT! What is this, the 80's?? I told them that I have responded to their e-mails AND answered two of their phone calls to my HOME NUMBER, as well as BLOCKING them from charging...

and I said, "Isn't that proof enough?" They BETTER stop... or they'll get more than just a LETTER from my attorney!!


They have this BS about not being able to cancel over the phone which I'm pissed about. What company can't do that!?

I can't go into the gym because of work. So I'm suppose to let them charge me until I can make it to a gym?

Or go through a hassle of mailing?! Seriously pissed and going to give them *** reviews everywhere.


I moved away and didn't cancel in person. I called LA Fitness over the phone and told them to cancel my account.

They said they don't do that over the phone.

I called my bank and told them to block any payments to LA Fitness, as I'd already called them and expressed that I wanted to cancel. Donezo.


Similar to what I just did... i had my credit card block them.

Now the harassing calls are coming, but those should soon stop, once they get the letter from my lawyer!

Enough of the harassment! I'm DONE!


Watch out that LAF does not block your email. The latest User Demon came back that I was a non-authorized email addresses!


it worked! IT WORKED! IT WORKED! gosh ,honestly army dude ,i would love to say that what ever u said it worked like a magic,,but at the 1st place i already got my old bank account cancelled ,so i was relaxed but then i came across ur post n i was like hmm may b i need to do more work ,,so i mailed all the big fishes of LA FITNESS lemme paste tht web address where u can find their email address .jill grueling was very helpful.. http://www.contacthelp.com/report_abuse.php?comment=100624,1st I emailed all of them ,yes all of them ,there wasn't any response until I wrote to bbb (better business bureau) ,as soon as they sent my complaint jill grueling cotacted me , I m assuming It was because of bbb forwarding my complaint as army dude quoted It right ,they r concerned wid their image ,n then today I opened my mail box I got the cancellation of personal training session ,they cancelled It out ,but it still says 140 dollars balance I don know wat is that here how it looks like

Receipt For Training Buyout

Today’s Date: 7/19/2013

Customer #

Membership Barcode #

Member Name:

Dues: $140.00

Available Session: 0

Buyout amount has been waived.

Your Personal Training Membership is now cancelled. Sessions available for use, if any, are indicated above. If any payment related to this membership is returned by your financial institution as unpaid, you remain responsible for that payment.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please call your local club during normal business hours.

,I ll mail that back to bbb as they said inform them on any activity from la fitness or email I get from them ,,yesi m very very relaxed ,I mean atleast I wont get harassed by their phone calls coz I took the step before the due date ...if they are wrong then they r wrong even if they let u sign those papers ,still they r scam,fraud buying out for 50% stuff. go to bbb go to higher authorities ,I mean even if u owe them which I doubt highly that It will go to debt collection as someone said here they pose to be debt collecters inside the company by putting pressure on innocent people n threatning n harassing them ...or even it does goes to debt collection don worry about it if it 1000 or less than 1000 as it will get written off n they really don take gyms such kind of *** seriously,,lolz ..read this ... http://www.askjackaboutdebt.com/content/over_1000_debt_collection_agency.htm

by th way I joined la fitness on may 21st n on my way back home I got into an accident may that that was a sign lolz,just in two months I got a good lesson n learning of how to get rid of fraud ,scam,companies never to give my debit card no to gym or personal training creeps,I owe that credit to la fitness (sarcastically)..... :p :zzz :)


Hi Isha, Can you please let me know how to report to bbb and the mail description you sent to higher officials..I'm on the same boat and trying to cancel my membership..please write to tsnr_369@***.com


@isha Hi, can you please let me know how to report to bbb as well. I was scammed by a PT saying I could freeze my sessions if finances became a problem (a major reason why i signed, i know stupid right) and now they are saying the only way I can cancel is paying the 50%.

I changed my cc on file and address, but don't want my unpaid fees to go to collections to hurt my report.

Anything you could provide will help. Please write to deutschamnnalec@***.com.


Older post but I have to submit that they did the same thing to me with a PT contract. I thought I might try it out and I told the PT director I'd have to talk to my wife and come back.

The PT director said "Go ahead and sign up, you can just cancel if you come back in in a few days after you talk to your wife". For some *** reason, I did. I came back the next day and got a bit of a runaround but he printed a letter for me to sign and send in. This was the wrong letter which would have ensured that the training would have renewed after a year and left me calling in politely upset that the deadline was fast approaching.

After 3 separate agens, one took pity on me and cancelled the contract within the timeframe allowed. It's too bad because I really liked the club but I have a medical condition that prevents me from using it and they won't refund the remainder of the pre-paid dues I gave for an 18mo contract either. This is despite when signing up that the account person at the club said I could come back months later and get a pro-rated refund. Great club, but either their people are deceptive, untrained in how corp works, or just incompetent.

I'm sure not all of them are like that but I talked to 11 people through this and only 1 had any sense and took action. Hopefully they use my money to train the employees a bit...


Also, is PT & regular accounts run under the same departments or by two different departments? What I am asking is, if I used different cc with LA fitness one for pt and the other for working out will they go after the other one if I closed my cc with the pt (after 90 days)? I hope this is clear for you to understand.


LAF collections are ALL internal. They may Call you all day, but they will never be able to report you to any credit bureau.

They don't require your SS# to take your money upon signing up; a requirement any HONEST company debiting your acct would follow. No SS# = No honest way to collect = no money HONESTLY owed by YOU. Also, your regular Fitness membership is Paired with your PT membership despite payment method (although a cc number must be on file). Screw them like they screwed you.

Never pay them and never worry. Ive done what ArmyDude recommended and ive been stress free for about 8 month now.

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