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I was assaulted at your gym on February 7 at the 6161 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91411 (818) 988-7411 location. Not only was I assaulted but my paid membership of over 15 years was revoked. The day after I was assaulted by one of your members I went in to talk with the manager Timeoteo C. since he was not working that day and try and resolve this matter. As soon as I said I’m the guy who was assaulted on Sunday and without me able to get in one word said I have nothing to talk to you about and your membership is revoked, instead of checking or asking if I was ok! He said I could no longer go to any la fitness ever again. I was in complete shock and felt that I was being assaulted for a 2nd time. I tried to tell him that this doesn’t make any sense but he didn’t care and told me he better not ever see me here again. How could I be getting kicked out when I was the one who was assaulted and hurt at your gym by one of your other members? The club manager Timoteo C was completely disrespectful not willing to hear me at all and made it very clear that he is in charge and can kick anyone out for any reason at anytime. He told me go try and get a lawyer, there’s nothing I can do to get my membership reinstated. I asked for a copy of the video which clearly shows me getting assaulted and for the name of the member but he refused and I was told I will need a subpoena if I want it.

I tried calling the main office and while they were shocked that this happened and seemed to want to help they said once a membership is canceled there’s really no way of getting in reinstated. This makes no sense and it looks like no one wants to get involved and take care of this matter. Everyone is making it very hard to speak to a head manager and won’t provide me with any names or email addresses of anyone in upper management. You would think headquarters would be concerned with such an incompetent manager they have working for them who clearly doesn’t know how to handle such a serious situation nor does he have any customer service skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

La Fitness Pros: Location near my house, Open airy facility.

La Fitness Cons: Customer service, How they lie and do business.

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They are a SHAY business... I couldn't cancel for the life of me, even though I was willing to pay out of it!

You can't even cancel by mail...

i just had to stop payment on my credit card.... jeeeze!!


Sounds like its your fault ***


***, dude. Didn't you file a police report? Get a lawyer, get a subpoena, get the video and sue 'em!