Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I was employed as a Cert. Fitness Trainer at La Fitness and saw first hand the rip off sceems of the sales and assistant managers.

I felt terrible for my loyal clients. They shared with me all their bad experiences with billing, sexual harrassment and cunning sales tactics the encountered. The least I could do is give them a exceptional workout, meal plans and some stretching. Still I was only being paid $6.00 a session, no hourly rate at all.

Apparently, a few of the assistant managers in body of change had injured quite a few clients of the gym during a "free" workout., Mind you they hold no Certifications at all. Just employees. In my entire dept. there were 9 trainers and ***.

managers and I know for a fact that at least 5 of them are ex- convicts. What quality they offer the public this La Fitness! I was laid off due to a customer complaint about being stood up by some other employee, apparenty quite a bit! they never investigated any of this matter even though it was a well know fact that the trainer was doing this often and as a result of not coming in for 3 straight days (while he had appts.

scheduled) he was fired and then rehired after he pleaded for his job back. I stood in for him a few times and once with the dissatisfied customer. I honestly don't even remember her face or anything just vaguely her name. She mentioned my name and his in her complaint as people who serviced her at some point and by the time this info .

came from the B.B.B. I was chopped and screwed. I was laid off and never argued cause I had a lot of offers elsewhere and already started working somewhere with benefits and double the pay. The thing is that everyone knew this and some guys were jealous of me, female and all.

But I believe that this had some major effect on the whole laid off thing. I was denied unemployment from them even still. I had to appeal it and have it formally investigated in order to show I was not personally liable and deserved compensation.

I got unemployement because this is after my livelyhood and area of expertise so I lost about 48 clients weekly!

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