Naples, Florida

I was being told by my personal trainer Danny ,,,oh I can really help you even if u sign for personal training u can get away from it ,If u want it for one month ,at tht time I really didn't understand what he said,I was no naive n *** n I though he might have the authority to cancel it down after one Month,so when it was time for the next payment I called him and I was like hey u said u I'll take care of it n stuff and he was like no u have to do it ,all you have to do is to call your bank and report ur bank for stolen or lost debit card ,in this way u I ll have a new debit card and they I'll never b able to track down ur new account number n I was told by him don't ever talk to anyone about that I will loose my job n all I m tryin to do is to help u ,but he was absolutely wrong these creeps went inside my accounts , and as I was left wid none other option n when I did it ,it absolutely didn't help me ,n after few days. I was charged wid 140$ again for pt ..I was like omg, Wat the heck is that...anyways I went to gym n he was not even willing to talk to me ..I was calling him he wasnt answering my phone long story short I was being fooled by the trainer Danny .I don know he did tht purposely as he might b making a good commission out of me so he tricked me into buying that pt thing ,,,or I was sooooooooo *** n naive into walking into all this mess..anyways I sent them the cancellation letter for both memberships n I changed my bank account n closed my old one due is this 27 th July ,,n kinda relief by reading ur article ,as I m waiting for harassed by them after that ,,,but at the same time I'll not let these people take my hardwork money me vs la fitness Lolz....

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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