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as a trainer at lafitness i was exposed to the ugly side of the corporate world. they treat their employees like slaves, especially the trainers.

At l.f. trainers are only suppose to train one person at a time(30 min. sess.) If you train two people it has to be for an hour(2 session) so you get paid for both sessions. But my boss would try to make us train 2 people in one 30 min.

So we were expected to do twice the work for the same pay. my boss reggie johnson would tell us it's are job to split them up. Because he would sell client on training with a friend so the client could split the expanse and Reggie would get the easy sale. This is against company laws but they always look the other way.

Later i found out from my new boss that Reggie had been taking mine and other trainers commissions so he could climb the corporate latter. Now lets say you have had training lessons and you love it. Then you contract expires and you want to resign up. You first have to pay a $50 processing fee that my boss would try to make me pay to sign you up easier.

Then once you sign a new contract instead of cancelling your old contract they would charge you for your new one and your old one that way reggie would get twice the commission until you realize you credit card is being billed for 2 different contracts. Honestly this happen to 10 of my clients. And the hardest part is for the customer trying to get ahold of someone to cancel their old contracts. This is only about 10% of what i had to deal with.

Lafitness is evil.

if you want to get in shape go to you local private gym and find a trainer who is a independent contractor. Down with lafatness!!!

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very true what was sad about reggie