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You folks need to do your homework before joining the gym...know what it is you want from the gym, and how you are going to get there. I was a fitness instructor (fitness instructors are usually part time adults with lives outside the gym, we are paid about $15 a class.

A trainer is part time employee whose job it is to make you sore so you think that you are out of shape so you will buy more training. many of the "exercises" they use are specifically targeted to cause muscle soreness and have NOTHING to do with fitness) for seven years, and saw it all. LA Fitness is nothing but a nicely furnished used car lot. all the smiley people running around in their black and blues have one purpose, and that is to get you to part with your money on their services...that's how they get paid.

LA Fitness does not do background checks on their employess...it is very possible your "trainer" just got out of jail, is a drug dealer, or never graduated high school. most are idiots looking for a quick buck and have no business providing fitness advice. yet they will give you no end of fitness advice. The so called managers and staff - with the exception of the counter people, who tend to be younger and in school - are there because they have no where else to go.

they are treated like dirt, and with their only goal being to sell you services. LA Fitness does build nice gyms and if that is the sole reason you join, you should be okay. But make sure when you sign up that all of your questions are answered in writing, and if you think that your salesperson is a fast talking huckster, find another one...they make all kinds of promises to get your signature. last, fitness is not rocket science.

everything that a so called trainer could teach you you either already know or you read from a few minutes on the internet. they sell a dream, and we all want to share that dream, so out comes the wallet.

fitness is a great thing, and LA Fitness builds nice gyms. But stay away from the staff.

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I just found out the Training Manager at my gym is a heroin junkie! He seemed fishy so I googled him.

He was just arrested in January for manufacturing, delivering & poss heroin. This was not his first offense. I went in yesterday and cancelled my training. Today he asked if I was sure I wanted to cancel?

I told him I already did cancel, and he replied with "I haven't completed your paper work yet", even though I sat in his office as he was pretending to do it.

I want to know who hires these jokes. I'm contacting corporate and demanding a full return for the year I paid up-front!