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Last night the unthinkable happened to me... Wynn, the GM of the Bethel Park, PA LA Fitness called the police and lied to get them to the gym. Here's the story: I arrived at the gym as I always have for the past 4-5 years with my pink gym bag (I've had the same bag now since I started my membership) I scanned the card on my phone and walked upstairs to the weight area. I don't typically frequent this particular location but did so tonight to save time. I got upstairs, folded my coat into my bag and got in line for the next available squat rack. All I needed to do tonight was squat, 5 sets of 8 and I was out and ready for CrossFit tomorrow. After about 5-10 minutes a girl (Aubrey the operations manager) came up to me and wanted me to place my bag in a locker and I told her I didn't want to. She and I had the exact same exchange multiple times before she walked away. About 10 minutes later (I only had two sets of 8 left now) the GM comes up to me and starts harassing me about my bag. I had had enough of the harassment at this point and asked if I was violating any corporate policies involving my membership and he replied "you're violating my rules". He obviously thinks a lot of himself to assume that he can independently develop rules outside of the LA Fitness Corporate office. So I simply said "Let's call corporate right now together and if they say I can't have my bag then I'll take it to my car or wherever" and then he said "You can call corporate, I'm calling the police" I said "you should" and continued to dial corporate. Please realize that this was IN THE MIDDLE of the gym floor at a very busy hour. Once on the phone with corporate, they told me I'm doing nothing wrong and that while they prefer bags in lockers there is no rule against bags, they then told me to tell Wynn to call them using the corporate line. So at this point I had my coat on, I wasn't going to continue to stay in a place where I didn't feel safe and was being harassed and the manager had used intimidation tactics in an attempt to get me to bow down to him, so I was leaving quietly on my own but had to deliver the message from corporate on my way out. As I passed him near the door I said "Corporate said I'm doing nothing wrong however I'm still leaving and they want you to call them on the corporate line". He told me he isn't calling them, he said that he spoke to his regional VP Rodrigo (who I know from being the GM at another location) and that the police are on their way. I said fine, we exchanged some polite insults and I left and went to my car to call corporate back. Within minutes the police were there and knocking on my car window and the truth comes out that he told them that I refused to leave after he asked me to which, is a bald faced lie. Obviously the police said I'm in no trouble, they were very nice to me and left. No report was filed or created, this was just a huge waste of their time and mine. I can only assume that they were annoyed to have been lied to and have been pulled off patrol to speak to an educated 5-4" girl.

I have since spoken with corporate three times and I can now understand why Wynn felt he could treat a woman this way, the corporate office is completely inept as well and there is no consistency at all within the company in terms of procedure. This is a company wide systematic problem from the top down. At this point I think my only hope of restitution is them putting themselves out of business.

I still can't believe a business would treat a customer this way, I'm a loyal quiet customer (now former) and I want to make sure that no other gym goer is harassed, insulted, intimidated and lied about to the authorities as I was tonight. So please, find another gym...there a a few others nearby.

Lastly, the gym is very dirty and the equipment is circa 1980 from the old Bally's that was there. They've done absolutely no renovations and at this point I'll drive an extra mile to go to another gym that is in NO WAY affiliated with LA Fitness even if it isn't as convenient.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

La Fitness Cons: Management.

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  • Pittsburgh La Fitness
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I thank you for this review, i was just sitting trying to figure out what gym i want to join. It wouldn’t be LA Fitness. Thanks again


Sounds like they did the right thing. Bags are dangerous.

I'm sure they told you that. Funny how that was left out.


What if someone trips over your bag and gets hurt? Who is responsible?

Who gets sued? You're not thinking.The policy is there for a reason.

@Mark in Clearwater

Except the manager sounds like she didn't bring any I'd that up, and it also sounds like corporate didn't have a rule about it. So even though you're speaking to common sense, it doesn't sound valid.

Also there are dozens of ways to injur yourself in a gym- someone could trip over my foot. Personal liabilities don't go away.


Horrible. So sorry they acted like that to you. Don't worry, he won't last.


August 2009 - only a few miles from that location a gunman killed 3 people at an LA Fitness. No need to be carrying bags around the gym floor. We don't know that you're not some wackjob.


Yes, that's true and I'm aware of that..it was a very sad day. Here's the thing, we aren't actually debating the issues you're presenting (although I completely disagree with not needing a gym bag on the floor) the point is that LA Fitness corporate does not have a no bag policy.

In addition, even if they did, the situation was handled horribly and if I was a wack job (as you put it) their handling of the situation would have set someone like that off and actually caused a situation to erupt. Further, the additional issue is that they LIED to the police to get them to come. LIED. That is actually actionable under the law.

I would have been more than happy to let them look in my bag or even put my bag in the car had they asked but they didn't. They didn't even ask me to leave. Wynn simply called the police when I wouldn't "stand down" to him.

Sorry, but that's absolutely unacceptable. Im wondering if you work for the company or if you're just okay with someone's rights being violated...


Why was it so important that your bag be in a locker?


Honestly, I think it was just a straight up ego/sexist thing. The dude that called the police is evidentially former military and when I didn't "stand down" his brain couldn't handle it.

I'm a woman who told him I wasn't listing to his ridiculous rule (That he openly admitted was HIS rule because he doesn't care about corporate) so I think his brain malfunctioned and the rest is history.

The company handled it poorly. Their customer service is in worse shape than their decomposing gyms if that answers your question.


they tried to do the same to me yesterday and I told them to first go fix their gym as it's falling apart...it's the worst LA fitness I've seen ever in South Orange County, LA. I'm seriously considering joining another gym.


They also refuse to cancel my membership no matter what I do. I had to cancel my cc because they refused to stop charging it. Be careful with that and have a game plan because they will harass you forever.