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We are a Southern California class action law firm currently investigating complaints concerning LA Fitness. We have read with interest a variety of posts about LA Fitness' cancellation policy.

It is our understanding that LA Fitness may have an onerous cancellation policy and a practice of continuing to charge former members dues after cancellation requirements have been satisfied.

We have also recently learned of a former member who after canceling (successfully)his membership many years ago, has recently incurred new membership charges to his bank account.

We are interested in learning more about your membership cancellation experience with LA Fitness.

Please contact us either via email or telephone.

Susan Simpson


Marlin & Saltzman, LLP

(714) 669-4900

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Upon signing my membership, I accepted to purchase three training sessions. At the end the trainer advised me to have more training, and I purchased six more training sessions.

When I checked my bank, LA is making three different transactions a month. I confronted the manager, I promised to reimburse me the money. Two weeks after tired of confrontation, I brought the matter to my bank.

However, LA presented a fraudulent contract to force the bank not to reverse the transaction. I signed membership contract and purchased sessions not contract.


I joined la fitness in Woodbridge,VA and a life guard stole my headphones. They claimed they fired him only to trump up some bogus sexual harassment charge against me.

No one on the staff confronted me so the female lifeguard told her father who tried to confront me physically.

They cancelled my membership and claimed to pay me back for January 2012 (24.99).They said they credited my account but that could not be because I paying my dues by money order and did not have a bank account on file with them. I filed a complaint with the Better Business bureau


Studio City gym bouth from Bally --refused to allow me entry today; saying I must sign a new contract with them and they will not honor my valid Bally contract.

Jack 818-509-9606


ALL of the members are given agreements. LA Fitness has no contract.

All that is asked of the members is that they mail their request to cancel 7 days before the billing date. Furthermore, depending on which state you are in, one has at least 3 business days to review the terms and conditions and cancel agreement with full refund.


m....what do you think a 'contract' is? It's an agreement.

Also, in California, those agreements are regulated by state law. LA fitness charges a first and last month payment when you first sign up. State law in CA requires that when you cancel the membership, that any fees/dues paid for services after the cancellation date are required to be refunded. Instead, LA fitness not only requires you to pay for another month in order to even process your cancellation, but they then also apply your previously paid last month payment, thereby making your membership continue for two additional months after you have cancelled it.

I have documented evidence of this.

With cancellation confirmations in hand, showing total cancellation effective at/on the billing cycle date, with total cancellation in effect and then LA fitness thereafter stealing money from my account almost 10 full days AFTER the cancellation. This violates CA state laws regulation health clubs, as well as being an unfair business practice, since I didn't receive a refund of my prepaid last month dues (instead, they were applied to pay for this month to be able to cancel my membership at/on the billing date, AND then taking my money again AFTER the membership was completely cancelled, thereby taking a total of $150 and stealing it from me in violation of CA law.