Fairfield, Connecticut
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Racquetball court scheduling is totally rigged...can't get a court even when we call first thing on the day the reservations open. Sent a letter to corporate, never received a reply.

And the club itself is filthy...wouldn't use the bathrooms if they were the last ones on Earth.

I approached the manager who was totally aggressive with me. I really couldn't believe how poorly I was treated. I understand from others that this is not unusual.

They build these places and just ignore them once they are up. There are much better gyms in the area who treat their customers respectfully.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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I have been to several club myself and asked someone to show me around. I have had to complain a few times and they would try to blame me for what happened.

I reported this to the corporate office and all they did was talk back to me. My advice to you is give the above mentioned manager some choice words.